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I thought a visual would be nice for us once folks have placed their preference vote. Also, I have placed a similar poll in our Male Nursing Forum. That poll can be viewed here: Good comparison threads when... Read More

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    I voted "Other". Cardiology is my goal.

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    Males in the nursing field is wonderful! Go for it.
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    Having spent 15yrs practicing at 60mph and on the other side of the guardrail, it's time that I started doing my best work indoors, not having to carry my pt down 3 flights of narrow stairs! I'm halfway through LPN(June'09), so I'll be grabbing a 2nd or 3rd shift ER spot(hopefully) to get me through a BSN program.
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    I must be blind, but I didn't see Surgical/OR Nurse... or is it similar to one of the options?

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    Psych for me! After 3 years in mental health case management, I've decided Psychiatric ARNP is the way to go.

    On that note, anybody have any feelings about AACN's decision to send NP's back for their DNP by 2015? I was ready to go the distance in a master's program, but a doctorate? Not so sure now...
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    i love to work in emergency becoz males are more likely to do hard jobs.
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    Quote from Annointed_RNStudent
    OB-Labor and Delivery Especially! We as guys need to break into this specialty!
    As a male agency nurse, I find that I'm more than likely to be cancelled if the unit i'm to work on has ANYTHING to do with OB. its quite strange. If not cancelled, its a whole other situation, where other nurses are pulled to accommodate me. hmm.....
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    Since I was a Paramedic for 8 years....I have decided not to do ED....but at present my goal is to become a CRNA so OR is really where I shall fall
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    We are all a bunch of adrenaline junkies according to this pole!!
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    I agree with MikeRN2B....I wish to be a CRNA....which is also not listed but is OR/SURG nursing

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