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I am currently finishing up my last semester for my RN license and I do not know what I was thinking when I entered the profession. I absolutely hate nursing. I have met way too many burnt out, miserable nurses and I know that is... Read More

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    I had a nurse tell me
    "Don't enter nursing, get out while you can"

    I thought, " wait until I graduate, i'll be happy to take your job"

    It is what is within you. There's a lot of little issues, some people let it get to them, others do not.

    I am more a believer of this (when it comes to working as a nurse- I am a student though)
    1) Did any of my patients die during the shift?
    2) Did they die because of me?
    3) Did I do anything (or not do anything) that caused harm to my patients?
    4) Did I advocate, listen, and help my patients in a reasonable way?

    Is there a lot of nonsense with hospitals and the increasing corporate like management? Certainly. I am not here for the management, I am here for the patients.

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    you sound like a more assertive person that would not be happy in anything less than an autonomous role. if so, nursing below the MSN level is not for you.

    i entered nursing school after a long career in engineering and came to the same conclusion at the same moment in the educational process.

    my advice? finish and claim the degree and then enter into something that will bring you autonomy. i am back in engineering as a contracting consultant. my days are mine, my deals are mine, and my future is mine. you should have your own, as well.

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