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Okay I am going to be taking Intro. Chem this semester and I havent taken any math in more than a few years. I have taken pre-cal and calculus in HS and pre-cal in College awhile back and did very well. But it has been a while.... Read More

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    I'm taking Chemistry this fall, and I've been out of school for a long time, so I found an Algebra website that covers all the basics. I'm flying through it and picking it up better on my own than I did back in high school when I just hated math classes. I also bought a book that explains Chemistry in a very user-friendly way, and I plan to read through that before class starts in September.

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    I'm just finishing up chem this summer. As others have said, just brush up on your algebra. I would foccus on unit conversions, laws of exponents and scientific notation.

    Best of Luck!


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