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19 years old ill be 20 by the time I go to NS what am in for. I know ill be in a female dominated class what are the pros and cons... Read More

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    Yeah, a sidekick does make the comedic factor easier.
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    All those fart jokes I'm missing out on.
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    There were way more guys than I actually expected to see at orientation. Quite a few younger guys also so I won't feel so out of place. Gotta figure out how to gently turn down people that are hitting on me, really want to focus on school first over all that. It was quite a shocker also when a dude was trying to make a move, with the girls I just kind of laughed it off and continued on with the conversation but when that happened it just kind of got awkward.
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    I want to focus on school to hopefully I can focus on both
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    Good luck to you bro. Do well always. Go above and beyond and they will love you.
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    Be cautious about relationships with girls you expect to actually be in class with for the duration. Work their friends outside the nursing program.

    Enjoy college. It's a lot of fun. Well, it should be. It was for me.
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    Good advice you never know who what might happen during a breakup

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