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  1. 0 Can anyone out there help me with a dosage and calc question??
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    I saw this on the Nurse Student Assistance forum:

    Those people are really good about helping. they just want to see you make an attempt to figuring out the problem. Some of them are professors. They want you to understand what you can't seem to get. I would recommend you stay with the Student Assistance forum.

    They will help you as long as you work through it with them!
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    Quote from studentnurse96
    Can anyone out there help me with a dosage and calc question??
    What kind of question???
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    Yes... if you'd care to elaborate. I can also recommend some very useful websites. This is my favorite: - Brush up on Your Drug Calculation Skills
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    Nah you will get plenty of help here, once your question is up, various people will answer it, with different approaches which will lead to the correct answer.

    I hate math, however found that "finding X" and changing whichever calc into an equation ALWAYS work, may not be the simplest way of handling it, but it works! All you need is to solve a basic equation... I do this method all the time, since pre-nursing, to nursing school and now as a nurse!
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    Post the Question here. I have a Bachelor's in engineering and have more than 30 units of pure math. Dose calc is like a joke. Just plain addition/multiplication/division.

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