Male student dilemma? - page 2

I feel like my Nursing profs judge me based on what I wear (loose fitting urban clothing). The reason I bring this up is a few days ago a prof in one of my nursing classes who I don't know on a... Read More

  1. by   canadiandude
    I say just be yourself and dont care what haters think.. I would also suggest get a nice tat or two and maybe start wearing belt chains you know in case the pants are at risk of falling down.
  2. by   ArrowRN
    hell why dont we all just go to class in speedos and tank tops bet the ladies would get a good kick out of that...
  3. by   grownuprosie
    I am a lady, so my advice may not be relevent. here goes though: I went to the first day of class in my usual attire: shorts, neon tights and an ironic t-shirt with my hair spiked up. All of the people in my class are stay at home moms in sweaters and waist high jeans. the instructors all have kids and they bonded instantly. Me? sitting my myself in the back of the class because I did not fit in at all and it was clear that the instructors had a preference. I started wearing my work clothes after that, a buttonup and grey slacks. Over time i slowly broke out my personal wardrobe, but i made sure the instructors knew me as a dedicated student first. now they just giggle at my hair and clothes because no one they know wears it like that.

    lets say that it is exactly as you say and the instructor is manufacturing a lower grade for you based on her perception of you. There is literally no way to proove this. Making a fuss about descrimination to an established faculty member will only put you on bad footing with their peers in your next class. I would suggest that you pick up a basic professional outfit. you could get a pair of nice slacks and 2-3 polos should get you through the week and will not break the bank. Once they really get to know you, start working your wardrobe back in. you have a great opportunity to break a steriotype here!