Male RN's in demand ?

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    I know alot of women nurses and was curious if anyone had an experience hiring men? Would you say that there is a greater demand to hire men because there are fewer of them available in the field?
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    I don't know that gender has anything to do with demand for nurses. In my neck of the woods all you need is an RN license.
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    Quote from Tony35NYC
    I don't know that gender has anything to do with demand for nurses. In my neck of the woods all you need is an RN license.

    I agree with the above poster.

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    i too agree with the above poster... that gender is not an issue, it is about competency, skills and knowledge that one can offer
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    It would seem some schools are going out of their way to get them into the program. My class started with 13 men out of 52 students which was a record. It would seem that there may be an advantage to men applying to get a job in ICU or ER straight out of school as well. Thats where most of us end up after graduation. But as the nurse recruiter and I talked about the men rarely stay in ICU but go on to even more challenging things.
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    I asked my nursing instructor this very question. Her response was that as a male we will probably get hired into the ER or ICU out of college ( I am in an accelerated BSN program) and will probably get promoted more quickly. She also said that, unless we are in a union hospital, we will advance more quickly on the salary schedule. This is coming from a woman that has been a nurse for 32 years so I value her input more than most.

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    Anyone ever hear of equal opportunity employment?
    Basically, I think it's a crock having to hire minorities or women just to fulfill a quota. Everyone should be treated equal right?

    It's a twist though being a man in a woman dominated field though...

    I understand having to be a great nurse (not being qualified would be a dis-service), but was wondering if hospitals have any quotas or anything in order to remain legal ?

    Just considering all my options.. Thanks everyone.
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    There is a hospital down here that looks for male nurses...b/c they cant hold on to them...."male RN haters"...all of the men jump to Cath(a whoping 22 male RN one of the biggest caths),ER, and ICU....

    I was talking to the head nurse on the telemetry floor and they hire male RN and then only keep us at the most for 3 mths then "we run"...

    It's all up to the hospital and what they look for
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    My experience echoes that of earlier posters - ability is more important than gender.
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    I don't know if we have an advantage in the hiring, but do males have an advantage when it comes to getting accepted into a nursing school?

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