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    Hey everyone! I am currently a pre-occupational therapy student. I have been thinking about Nursing as a possible career as well but had some questions to ask before I get into it. In nursing school, do you have to bathe nude patients? What is the hardest thing for a male nurse to do while in nursing school? I think that would be definately hard for me to do. That's mainly one thing that I would not want to do, but I guess I could do if I had to to pass. I am mostly interested in ICU Nursing/ER Nursing and possibly becoming a NP. Hope you can help me!

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    Yes you bathe "nude" patients in nursing school. The good news however is that you get to see some interesting tattoos. If you go into the ER this will not be something you will deal with. Hardest thing for a male nurse to do to while in nursing school? Not get caught staring at all the good looking girls in your nursing class. Seriously, there is nothing that hard about being a male nursing student. I considered my OB rotation to be my most difficult semester in nursing school due to the fact that you are forced to "participate" in vaginal deliveries. Not too aesthetically pleasing. Again in most ER's, this is a quick turf to L&D.
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    Quote from mced
    Not get caught staring at all the good looking girls in your nursing class.
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    nursing is fun! Even OB/Gyn rotation, it all depends on your clinical instructor. I had the best clinical instructor therefore, I never had any problems. All the girls helped me out whenever I needed. There's a lot to a nursing career, so, I would recommend that you work as a CNA to see it for yourself.

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    Male nursing? Is that when your patient has a Y-chromosome?
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    Male nurse... I despise the term. What makes nurses so different if they are men than if they were ladies. I am an ICU nurse and don't usually get that response. L&D wasn't bad but maternity was horrid. It was extremely boring and the same questions are asked at the same time every day.... yuck.
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    Quote from mced
    Not get caught staring at all the good looking girls in your nursing class.
    that is the truth
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    Nursing school is "El Dorado" for a single guy. It's like finding the lost city of gold... if guys paid attention to the male/female ratio in nursing classes they'd realize nursing school = lotsa womenz/no competition.

    Anyhow, you'll do it all... no parts are unexposed in a thurough assesment, male or female. If you think that's bad, wait 'till they're naked AND incontinent.... that's when the real fun starts. LOL, really it's not that bad, you get used to it and remain professional.

    I must agree that OB/GYN stuff is the hardest for guys... a lot of female patients don't want male nurses. It was the hardest for me... i got very little experience in my OB Clinicals, unfortunantly... but I'm goiong ICU anyhow, so no big deal.
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    I remember the first semester lab partner assignments when we were the told the assignments were random but yet me and the other guy in the class ended up together.

    Other lab days the females quickly paired up so us two guys worked together. It gots pretty awkward sometimes. Just imagine how much fun there could have been if there was only 1 guy in the class.

    For some reason guys also tended to be picked for lab demonstrations and that included removing clothes and/or wearing hospital gowns. One can always delcine and make the instructor get creative with a video.
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    Quote from Kevin0507
    that is the truth
    I second that.

    But back to the topic, you have to bathe a nude patient atleast once during nursing school (Tattoos, scars, wounds included). Being a CNA, you have to bathe patients regularly. The hardest thing for me as a male student.. well I think it has to deal with being refused to care for a female client (one who wants a woman to care for them). But you get over it and find another patient.

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