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Hey everyone! I am currently a pre-occupational therapy student. I have been thinking about Nursing as a possible career as well but had some questions to ask before I get into it. In nursing school,... Read More

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    Hehhhhh. Just wait until you have to bathe your first 350lb+ stinky sweaty old lady, stretch marks, saggy boobs and all.....hahhahahahahha. Don't sweat it dude, you get used to it real quick, and the satisfaction you get from relieving just a little bit of human suffering will make it worth it. I went straight from NS to a Neonatal ICU, so the biggest pt I've had to bathe was about 6 pounds of wriggling, screaming baby. I'm getting ready to go to the ED, where I'm hoping the big people baths will be kept to a minimum. I worked as a tech and a CNA in a nursing home, and in ICU/telemetry. You get used to it really quick. If you really feel nursing is your passion, (and it should be, or you'll hate the long hours, crappy pts, etc) just be teachable, and you'll sail through school.

    Best of Luck!

    Stevern21- NICU/PICU/Peds/ and now ER

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    Quote from grambograham
    Male nurse... I despise the term. What makes nurses so different if they are men than if they were ladies. I am an ICU nurse and don't usually get that response. L&D wasn't bad but maternity was horrid. It was extremely boring and the same questions are asked at the same time every day.... yuck.
    Fact, the word nurse as a female connotation. However, I certainly don't wish to change the word itself. Therefore, I certainly don't despise the phrase Male nurse, LOL.

    Proud to be a male + proud to be an RN = Proud to be a Male RN

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