Just got accepted into an ADN program for the spring!

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    Just got my acceptance letter this afternoon and have orientation on the 15th! Any other new student murses starting this spring?
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    Congratulations man! I'm no newbie I graduate my ADN program in may! Thank sweet baby Jesus! You got this.
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    I start an ADN program in the Spring too, I'm beyond excited!!Congrats
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    I start this Spring too! I am stoked!!!!
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    Congrats!! I'm starting this coming Spring semester too (well...technically January 3). Pretty nervous and excited at the same time.
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    Thanks for all the congrats! I think I'm just a bit more excited than I am nervous here.
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    Congratulations on getting in, I hope that you find all that you are seeking in this exciting career. I am also a male student nurse and I graduate in a month. So hold on, and do not give up. This is a hard career, with lots of rewards.
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    I hope to be starting this Jan!! fingers crossed! Then I will be sooooooo exciteed!
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    Yeah man. Starting in Jan too orientation on the 10th of Jan. Future murses unite!