Just got accepted into an ADN program for the spring! - page 2

Just got my acceptance letter this afternoon and have orientation on the 15th! Any other new student murses starting this spring?... Read More

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    Congrats hope you do well

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    Congrats. Which school are you going to?
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    Congratulations!! I also start my program in January. I am excited and looking forward to this challenge. I'm very curious to see how many other males our in the class of 60 students besides myself.
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    Congratulations. I also start this January and I'm anxiously waiting to get this started with the Orientation on December 3rd.
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    Congrats man! I too start in January, I have orientation this week... Can't wait!
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    I have my orientation this Friday, 30 November. Collin College in McKinney Texas. I'll probably be "the old guy" in the class, veteran, using my GI bill.
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    I start in January also. I was surprised to see quite a few guys at the orientation today. Looks like about 20% of the class is male. I'm the oldest guy at 44. A few of the ladies looked older.
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    Just had my orientation today... Was a teaser... Got everyone excited but school doesn't start til Jan 22. It's gonna be 6 males out of 32.. My leaf instructor says "I'm glad we have males, they add excitement to the group"
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    Congratutaltions to all of you. I'm 2 weeks away from completing my first semester. Get exited and get ready. It's a non-stop race to the end. I have to say that it has been very difficult but so worth it. Learning tons. Any help I can offer just let me know guys.
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    There are, I think, 6 guys in my class, and about 50 females. We got our first assignment to read the first 8 chapters in our main Nursing book before our first day of class. Gotta order scrubs, get shoes, get skills bag, get a stethoscope, books, and a ton of other things. Anyone have a good suggestion on stethoscopes? The price seems to vary pretty dramatically, and I dont want to buy a mega expensive one until Im actually using it professionally, but I also don't want a cheapo one that I can hardly hear a thing with either.

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