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Just got accepted into nursing school... glad there's support for guys who are nurses and future hopefuls... was kind of nervous when it was nothing but females in the admissions test... any advice... Read More

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    You are part of the group, not competing with the women. 90% love the guys.
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    Quote from EduardoLugo
    OK, sorry. Perhaps I am wrong. I know, it wouldn't be fair if they do this. Though, it can be possible because it is not comfortable to have like 30 girls and 1 or 2 guys in a class. I wouldn't be comfortable being the only guy in a class.. ^^ I think in their meeting or what ever they o talk about it...
    they're probably like "Alright, let's accept more male because there's so many female" That would be great actually... I hope to see like 7-10 male once I get accepted to the BSN nursing.
    I had 6 males on my class of 50. 2 males and 4 females didn't make it to second semester.
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    Quote from EduardoLugo
    I think guys have higher chances to get accepted because a lot of hospital really need male nurses. I am waiting for this person to reply me because I need an application to fill out. She said she would let them know to review my application. If I get accepted, I will start as freshman.. if not, that's alright, I will just take A&P 1-2, chemistry, and microbiology in college while I wait to get accepted.
    People are always saying that the hospitals are looking for men but I don't see that at any hospital I've been to. They are just looking for competent nurses.
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    congrats!! yeah!!!!!
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    thanks all... it's kind of odd thinking about being a nurse, but i feel so damn pumped about it...
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    Be prepared to hear alot of gossip but don't fall into it. Be yourself, don't take things to seriously and remain positive and you'll be fine. Getting a tape recorder will help with lectures and take part in study groups to have the support.
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    Have you looking into off-campus housing accommodations? This option is alot cheaper and less distractions when you need to study.
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    I got an extra point in the application process for being a minority. I'm a white male. Some programs give dudes better odds, some don't.

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