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To start off, I am currently a male nursing student who has just started his first semester of school in January and is completely scared for his first day of clinicals this fall. Now I am sure that... Read More

  1. by   mintygirl
    Not a male nurse, but honestly I'm glad more males are showing up in the nursing field. I don't want nursing to be viewed solely as "woman's work" but simply work. With that said its great to have males on the floors, especially as a CNA. Plus a lot of my male pt's prefer the male nurses to the females because of private care, etc. The list goes on!
  2. by   DominicanNurse1123
    When I had my daughter I had a male student nurse and I was very young (18) , Im 31 now ..and it did make me feel uncomftorable Initially , however he seemed really nervous and like he was trying REALLY hard , and after a few minutes of interacting with him , I did not feel AS uncomftorable . I think the older nurses seem to have the main biases with male nurses . Because I am always excited to see male nurses now going into the field . I have been an LPN for 5 years now and I'm returning to school in a few weeks to begin the LPN to ADN bridge program where I live . I was recently very upset by a comment a co-worker made about not wanting a male on one of our homecare cases because " she's such a tiny little girl ..." This male nurses happens to be a stellar nurse with many years of experience . I say keep your head up and don't let the ignorance of others get you down . Be proud of what you have accomplished and will continue to accomplish .
  3. by   DominicanNurse1123
    18 years old .. Not sure why it put a smiley face ... Lol
  4. by   justashooter
    Quote from Wildcats.Cabral
    Having said that, the only clinical rotation that I have run into any issue is also OB, but for some reason the instructors are seemingly more paranoid than the patients.
    OB is a special place, and the floor nurses can be very territorial there. in my case, the floors were lifers on gravy duty and didn't want ANY students on the floor to rock their pleasure boat. the CNA on OB were just as bad as the RN. some spurious complaints were made by the same floor nurse about 3 people in our 8 student clinical group that were patently false, but could not be countered. as a result the instructor was paranoid.

    that being said, backstabbing and false accusations by floor nurses on other units did occur on occasion. i chalk it up to unhappy floor nurses and borderline personality issues.
  5. by   Fireman767
    I don't know where you did your rotation but i never had that issue. My OB rotation went fine, I even had nurses offer to show me a procedure or such. Even pediatrics, the nurses were so kind and helped me out (as a male nursing student). Some patients were even glad to have male nurses, especially some fathers who would make jokes or just spend some time talking to someone who wasnt a woman. Maybe that hospital and program have a negative thought of male nurses, but not all programs are like that.
  6. by   Tait
    Quote from Deredain
    I am in my third semester of nursing classes and will be starting mother/baby in a week. So far I have had nothing but positive responses from my patients and my gender has not been an issue. The biggest problem that my fellow male students and I have had is that some people make the very wrong assumption that we are doctors and not nursing students. I even had the head nurse in the OR introduce me as a med-student! A subtle or not-so-subtle correction works well.

    Walk into the patient's room with confidence, even if you are like every other nursing student and have none in your first clinicals. Perception is everything! You'll do great.
    Yes yes yes!
  7. by   FuturePsychNP
    I went through nursing school as a career changer and had fortunately reached that time in development where you may truly say, "I don't care what anybody else thinks." And I don't. I wear boots and a belt with scrubs and open meds with a pocket knife. People make fun of it all the time. Couldn't care less.