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Hey All, My name is Phil from Philadelphia and I got accepted to nursing school. I will probably start in Fall 2013. Please post, assuming you land a job etc etc. (Let's be optimistic) This is what I am going to do: ... Read More

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    Graduated last month, already landed a position in a 21 week critical care fellowship, took and passed my boards this last week. At this point, taking a family vacation for the next week or so until the fellowship starts to relax.
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    My list of things I want to do after graduation is getting long too. I'm currently in my second semester of nursing school but I'm part time. I have a family that relies on some sort of paycheck from me.

    First will be another vacay, probably to Disney with the wife and kids.
    Second, finding a job
    Third, buying myself a bike (currently wanting a Hayabusa)
    Fourth, either putting an addition on my house or selling and moving on up (this will depend on the Real Estate market since right now it down right sucks in this small town)

    I have 2.5 years before I graduate as a RN due to the part-time route and my list changes just about every week. However, taking a nice vacay with the family and possibly a second with just the wife would be ideal.
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    Everyone heads to the bar and gets college drunk during happy hour!!
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    I graduate this year in October. My 2 main goals are pass the NCLEX and land a job. After that I want to go to on a real vacation to Versaille, France and tour the palace
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    earn enough money to drown everybody *maybe at least a town* in booze in my homeland!!
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    look for a job!
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    My goals are to get a into a graduate program and start paying off my student loan!
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    Move to New York City, get a tiny little apartment that's in the middle of city life. Enjoy life as a 22 year old in the Big Apple. Hopefully make $75,000+ (hey it's NYC, it's possible!) and just enjoy the life.

    Your dream sounds great, I hope you get there!
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    Get a job.
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    1. Get a job.
    2. Pay off any loans.
    3. Move out of parents house.
    4. Get myself a nice "hard work payed off" present like a Nighthawk 1911.

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