First day of clinical rotation what to expect

  1. I'm a second year male nursing student and we start clinical rotations tomorrow and the anxiety is killing me. I have no idea what to expect, I keep fearing that I'm probably gonna mess up on my first day or they might give me something to do and I completly mess it up.

    Here in jamaica most people have never heard of the concept of a male nurse and I also fear what their reaction might be when I introduce myself for the first time. I honestly think I'm gonna die. I need help, what to expect, what to do, what not to do, how to survive day one as a new male nursing student, anything that helps is appreciated.
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  3. by   wellzulev
    Dont get anxious. Its normal to get nervous at first time. What concept are u now?
  4. by   Sharon7RN
    I think to a certain point, all nursing students feel this way! We have to learn such a large amount of information in such a short period of time, and then suddenly we're thrown into clinical and we feel like we're expected to be pros! From my own experience, I found that I had to keep things in perspective, realize that I might forget a thing or two, and remember that is was OK to ask my instructor questions. You shouldn't be allowed to go off by yourself anyways until you have seen and done at least two of what ever the procedure is that you have to do. The point is, you have to feel somewhat comfortable with doing for example a head-to-toe assessment, giving an injection, or administering medication, etc.

    As far as feeling uncomfortable because you are a male nursing student, I would say don't let that show! Realize that your sex doesn't matter! A nursing student is a nursing student, and you're all there for the same reasons, to get experience, and improve your skills.

    I've never replied to someone living in Jamaica. How's the weather there?

    Good luck with everything!
  5. by   leonard_huh
    First day of clinical is nerve racking, but its not like they just throw you out there, usually you guys start off in like a rehab center where its slow paced and helps you feel comfortable in the clinical setting and dealing with patients. No body matters what race/color you are but its just the way you present yourself, always be professional in your standards when talking and people will respect you male or female. nursing school is all about learning, everybody will make mistakes, but you will learn from those mistakes since your still in training good luck
  6. by   BostonFNP
    Nerves are normal and they will pass. It's amazing how clumsy we can get when nervous, just ride it out and it will pass in a day or two.

    I hate to use caps but...


    The only comments I ever got as a student in regards to being male was people staying how IMPORTANT it was to have men in nursing. Be proud.
  7. by   francoml
    Just have faith in yourself!!! If you have questions ASK. I promise you that your instructors and the hospital staff will be way more impressed with you if you know your own limitations. Everybody had to start from square one and it takes time to build up your confidence and skills. Good luck in your second semester!!!
  8. by   Le-Rhone
    Thanks everyone for all the tips and info and sorry for responding so late its actually been a while since i came back on this website, been busy with clinicals and exam which are over for now and I am pleased to say i survived my first day along with the next four weeks that followed with everyday being a whole new experience my only issue was many patients thought i was a doctor as they had never seen a male nursing student before. I was a wonderful experience and I can't wait for next semester, thank you all again.

    MommyStudent7 the weather here is nice and warm we did have to deal with hurricane sandy earlier though.

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