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Anybody volunteer?

  1. 0 I'm starting nursing school in the fall and I have never worked in a hospital before. I've looked into some part-time positions to get a feel for it but someone suggested volunteer programs which would offer more flexibility..... I'm still working full time in my current position (Building Material Sales - which sucks) so that I can try to save up as much money as possible before I start classes. Luckily for me - I live within walking distance to a hospital so volunteering on the weekends or nights would be feasible. Just curious as to any of you guys having done this before or not? I don't think it would be a waste of time either way but I don't want to be working in the gift shop!!!!
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    I am also working full time. I do volunteer. I work the info desk and once a month I volunteer in the pharmacy. Most allow you to set your hours.
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    I'm currently finishing my prereqs for school and I volunteer on weekends in the local ER. It's not the same as being a CNA, but its something. Plus, it looks good on a resume.
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    I don't volunteer in the hospital anymore, however, I did a few years ago. If at all possible, try to volunteer in the ER. I volunteered at a small hospital, and I was only able to volunteer at the front desk. Every other volunteer was female and over 60. I had a great time with those ladies, but the job was mind-numbing boring and it didn't give me any insight into the hospital.
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    After you get your first semester down (some hospitals you have to have two semesters done) Check with nurse recruitment about doing a Nurse Extern or Nurse Intern position. It will allow you to get great exposure to the hospital environment before graduation.