Advice plz!!! New in Nursing

  1. Hi, guys.

    I just made a decision to become a nurse!

    However, because i got married and am not young(28), I want to go to grad nursing school.

    I already have a Bachelor's degree in non-nursing or science field but I have taken

    2 bio classes, 2 gen chem, 1 org chem, 1 physics, and 1 biochem.

    Besides, Im gonna take anatomy, developmental psych, nutrition, physiology, and microbio during Summer & Fall 2011.

    I have checked some top-ranking schools for master of nursing program but some schools dont provide any specific

    program for the person like me. They provide accelerated undergrad program instead.

    Good news is there are still many schools providing master program with BN and require GRE score.

    Can anyone give me advice about what program will be good for the person like me and

    how to prepare for GRE?

    I have pretty high GPA; little over 3.5, a BA at UC Berkeley, and have experience as a medic in Korean Army for 2 yrs.

    Im looking forward to your reply and Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Bob_N_VA
    Welcome aboard. For starters, you're not old, I'm almost double your age and I started the whole process about 2 years ago. I had a degree from about 30 years ago so I had to go back and make up some pre-reqs like the A&P courses and Micro. Everything else I was good to go. I'm currently in a diploma program and will finish up in dec 2012 as long as the world doesn't end before then...

    I'm not so sure about going directly into a program that will skip the BSN and go directly to a masters level, even if you can find one (doubtful). Nursing is very hands on and you need to spend some time in the trenches so to speak to get practical experience to be a good nurse. I think most masters programs are predicated on students coming in with some years of experience rather than going straight through school. I'm sure others will chime in to correct me if I'm wrong, but thats the way I see it. I think I would look for a bsn program, get your degree, get a job and then look to go for a masters after a couple of years experience.
  4. by   dkim4429
    Thanks for ur reply! Actually the mater degree program includes BSN too; 1 yr for studying to get BSN and take RN exam and 2 yrs for studying continuously for master degree

    Btw I have a question. How is the NP different from PA(physician assistant)? Is the NP equivalent to CNS(Clinical Nurse Specialist)?

  5. by   WittyUsername
    Without going into too much detail here is the rundown of NP/PA:
    -To start, almost all PA schools require hundreds to thousands of hours of hands-on experience-your time as a corpsman may suffice. NPs are a bit more relaxed from what I've seen.
    -NPs can prescribe, I believe PAs are most restricted
    -You will need to academic and professional recommendations for both so start talking to old professors/employers. Take a science class if you're not in contact with any professors.
    -NP is not the same as CNS
  6. by   jetfuel
    I'm 47 with a BS and MS in Computer Science. I started all over a few years ago at a junior college (has a better reputation that the local BSN program!). I was not much of a student in higher education, but this time around I have maintained a 4.0.

    Don't cheat yourself with an accelerated program; stick with the most thorough education you can get, especially your A&P classes.

    Best of luck to you, and welcome to the craziness!
  7. by   Ackeem
    First and four most congrats for your bold step into the field of nursing, I wish you the best of luck.

    Now to your concerns, what most people interested in nursing should know is that, it is very hands on, so you don't learn to be a nurse until you actually are one, so a good nurse takes years of experience. That being said the master's degree programs are highly competitive, colleges normally requires two years experience as a nurse and a BSN. In this case most applicants have multiple years of nursing experience and that's what make these programs so competitive because they normally accept the applicants with more experience.

    So my advice is to start out with your BSN and don't bomb rush it with a accelerated program learn as much as you can. Then when your good and ready go for the NP.

    Good luck
  8. by   K.P.A.
    I'm twice your age, already had a BS, and just completed an accelerated program and boards. Curriculum for accelerated and traditional programs is the same. The main advantage of traditional is that it will give you time to work as a tech and you can learn a lot by doing this. For an older guy like me, 18 months made a lot more sense than 36. (four semesters in a row vs six semesters with summer breaks).
  9. by   cdwcobra95
    If you are looking to get your masters, I think Millikin University in Decatur, IL has a program that would fit you well. The program is the Masters Entry Into Nursing Pratice. It is for students who hold a bachelors degree in a non-nursing field. Basically 2 years of full time study. They don't require a GRE score if you have a GPA above 3.25. I will be starting this program in July. Let me know if you have any questions. There are also several other colleges that offer programs like this.
  10. by   danceluver
    Just FYI-PAs can prescribe as well.

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