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Just wondering if there are any people applying for the new ABSN program at University of New England in Portland Maine. I am also interested in knowing if there are any current/past students who... Read More

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    Did anyone else get accepted into the program starting next month? If so, you all should join the group on Facebook!
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    Hi! I got in. I tried to find the group on facebook, but couldn't find it. My email address is pierce_abby@yahoo.com. Could you send me an invite?

    Thanks! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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    I made a new group for our class. The other one didn't seem to be working. The new one is called University of New England ABSN class of 2014.

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    I just got into the UNE Accelerated program for 2014 as well. Is this the first or second cohort the school has ever done?
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    This will be the third cohort. I graduated in May from the first cohort.
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    Just a heads up - there's a fb group for those who already accepted to UNE ABSN for this fall (Dec 2013). So class of 2015. Message me for the details to get added to the group.
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    Hey lery221, looking forward to the program!! Messaging you for deets on fb group!
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    whats the name of the group? I'd like to join, I've also been accepted!
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    is it a private group?
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    The name of the facebook group is: UNE ABSN Class of 2015

    at the moment it is a private group since I'm sure not everyone has told employers, family, friends...etc they are planning to start school in December so I didn't want it to pop up on people's newsfeed.

    If you want to send an email to leroy221@outlook.com I can send you an invite link to the below.
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    Hey, I was checking out these blogs and saw that med research11 was the only one here who graduated from the ABSN program thus far. I was wondering if they or someone else who had graduated would mind sharing their experiences with the program and their cohorts luck in finding employment. Thank you.
    Ian (iandoherty35@yahoo.com)
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    That is so odd, I just got letter saying that I was accepted month ago, but I haven't got anything on mail
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    I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if there is anyone out there who is applying to the UNE ABSN program for Spring 2015 start?!