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Just wondering if there are any people applying for the new ABSN program at University of New England in Portland Maine. I am also interested in knowing if there are any current/past students who could comment on the nursing... Read More

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    Kbren,The program started back in December just before Christmas. We are currently the first ABSN class so sometimes things can take a little longer than needed. As for workload/difficulty, it likely depends on how much time you devote to the books and if you have any experience. Some people in our class have experience in healthcare while others do not and experience is helpful. We get MASSIVE amounts of reading on a weekly basis to the point of choosing what to read and what to "look over." we can get 6-7 chapters per week in one class. Also, I will mention that it is an expensive school so be sure to think about that aspect as well.In my opinion, you should apply and visit the school. If you are accepted, than you can make a decision as to attend or go elsewhere. Good luck!!

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    Hey all, I am just wondering if anyone is accepted for the UNE program that will start in December 2012? I am waiting to hear back any time now. I really hope I get in. I've been wait listed twice at MGH nursing school so UNE seems like a great fit. Anybody have any comments about it.
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    I am currently in the program and have been for almost a year. In short, you will be very busy. If you attend any accelerated program time management will be necessary. It is a lot of information but it goes fast and the instructors are pretty easy to access. I have heard that the incoming class will be roughly 30 students but I dont know anything other than that related to admissions info. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for your help. I know I will be very busy but it will be worth it in the end. How many students were in your program? I am looking forward to hearing back
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    We initially started with 23 and are now down to 21. 17 females and 4 males. We lost 2 students over the summer semester which was extremely condensed.
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    Hi everyone - I was just given provisional acceptance to UNE! Since the program starts so soon and they want my deposit within two weeks, I'd love to hear your feedback!

    Where are your clinicals?
    How are the faculty?
    How are the other students?
    What are the job prospects like after graduation?
    What kind of financial aid is available to second degree students there?
    Overall, are you satisfied with the program so far?
    Any other advice/"I wish I had known this going in..." kind of feedback is very welcome!!

    Thank you!
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    You are in the second ABSN class that the university has admitted. Unfortunately, some of your questions cannot be answered as no one knows the answers as of yet. As for clinicals, pretty much everything has been done within Portland so there is hardly a commute unless you live outside of Portland. Faculty are friendly and nice to work with and are almost always accessible. Be prepared to have a very busy schedule starting in December.
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    I was accepted to the December 2012 class as well! I'm finishing up a Chemistry class now. I'm very excited to start and move to Portland. I have heard amazing things about the city and the program. Looking forward to meeting everyone
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    Is this the eliz I've been talking with on a different message board on this site??? I too was accepted to UNE! I am putting my deposit down this week. Would love to chat more if this is you...Thanks to everyone who has been answering questions so far. Any info. or feedback from current students is really helpful!
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    It is the same eliz!! This is so funny. I don't think I can private message yet, but I have a gmail account with the same eliz7854 user name so feel free to write! Same goes for you, ES1990, if you'd like to talk more about the program at UNE.

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