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1Just wanted to start a thread for UNE's ABSN program starting in January 2018. Anyone planning to attend this program?!... Read More

  1. by   hhenders
    Hey! Congratulations! Ryan had the same problem with the page so I'm not sure what's wrong. Try this link maybe it'll work.. I also made the group open so maybe that will help. Log into Facebook | Facebook
    "University of New England ABSN Class of 2019" is the name of the page, there's only 3 of us so far! You can also just add me as a friend if you want! My name is Haylie Henderson!
  2. by   jlewis7
    Hello All! My name is Jacqueline and have been accepted for the Spring semester of 2018! I see we have some Californians in the group, thats wonderful. I went to UNE for undergrad, and it was a great experience, excited for this next journey. I work with a nurse who just graduated from this program and has been very helpful in answering questions, so if any of you have any questions about the program at all let me know and I can consult with her. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  3. by   angief11
    Hi everyone, I was also accepted for Spring 2018. Does anyone have a ball park estimate of the total cost for the program? UNE breaks down their cost by semester which is different from a lot of other programs that just have the total cost of the ABSN program instead. I think that is the only thing holding me back at this point, I know it's a lot more expensive than other schools I've looked at. I am a Portland, ME native and very familiar with the area so if any of you have questions about the area let me know!
  4. by   hhenders
    Hi angief11, they told me that it was about $70,000 total for tuition! Of course I'm sure there are other fees too so that's not the total cost but it took me like 2 weeks just to get that info from them.. I'm not sure what the actual total cost is though. Hope that helps a little bit at least!
  5. by   Miller.Jess.27
    Hey everyone, my name is Jess! I was also accepted to the program for spring 2018. I just graduated from Hofstra University with an undergrad degree in Exercise Science. I was going to take a year off and pursue a full time job in my field upon graduation, but after a few months of working I decided I didn't want to wait to go back to school. I'm super excited for the program to begin and to start the next chapter of my life. I'm currently looking for housing so if anyone is looking for a roommate to fill a room or wants to join my apartment search, let me know! Can't wait to meet everyone.
  6. by   kawilliams27
    Thanks for the info, Joseph! Do you happen to know how many clinical hours you got throughout the program?
  7. by   kawilliams27
    Hello everyone! I also got accepted into the program, but I'm still trying to decide which school I'm going to go with...I would add to the group of Californians as I've been living in San Diego for the last seven years! Ryan - considering we are already in the same place if you'd like to get together and discuss school/housing let me know!

  8. by   loranm
    Hi everyone ! I just submitted my application last week so I'm really hoping I get in!! I'm also from California =)
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  9. by   ryanc11
    Hey all, a little late to the party, but submitted my app a couple weeks ago and just sent in my deposit. If anyone is still looking for potential roommates/ housing let me know! Or, even if not, it would be great to connect on FB and know some people in the program before it starts, so feel free to add me. Ryan Christensen. There are a bunch of us, but my pic is of me bungee jumping...

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  10. by   rhopkins, CNA/RNA
    Hi Kate,

    Congratulations on your acceptance to UNE! I would love to meet up with you sometime soon since we are both from SD! I am sorry I did not check back with allnurses.com sooner because I can see you messaged me a while back. Anyway, I REALLY am looking forward to meeting you. Let's plan on coffee or something soon, okay? PS... I tried finding you on Facebook but there are a million Kate Williams LOL

    Ryan L Hopkins
  11. by   dontgohere
    Honestly, if you have another option, go there! The UNE ABSN program is shockingly unorganized, the teachers are unhelpful and unprofessional, and the demographic of the staff is 98% middle aged white ladies, which doesn't lend itself well to diverse viewpoints.
  12. by   Blang
    Hello all,

    My name is Brian, and I was just accepted to UNE's ABSN program. Having been on the wait list, I'm a little late to the game, and running wild to get everything done before classes start. So excited to start, but there's so much to do between now and then. I'm hoping for any recommendations on housing, or if anyone is looking for a roommate. I have a couple back up plans, but would love to get the moving aspect settled as quickly as possible.

    Looking forward to seeing you all! Happy Holidays!