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Maine NICU jobs?

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    I am a NICU nurse currently working at a level IIIc NICU in Kansas City, MO. I am looking to move back to Maine, where I grew up, in the next year or so. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about MMC's NICU. Is it a good place to work? How many beds? Does it mostly provide care to premies? The web site offers very little information. Thanks so much-
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    The NICU at MMC is pretty big - they expanded last year and have 60 beds I believe. My experiance is that it is mostly preemies but I do not know that for a fact. If you start stalking the MMC website you should find an opening - I see them a few times a year and I don't actively look for jobs in maine anymore. good luck!
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    The new NICU has 31 beds.
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    Thanks so much! If anyone knows about other NICU's in the area please let me know.
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    a little late to the party, but... MMC's is a 51-bed, single room model with the exception of the "transitional nursery."

    The NICU consists of 3 pods- 2 with 10 private rooms each, one with 8 private rooms plus the 3-bed transitional nursery. All babies born 35 weeks & under are directly admitted to the NICU. The transitional nursery is for babies 36weeks & over that don't really declare themselves right away... or maybe they need a septic workup but are acting appropriate so can go to mom's room after, etc. It's extremely short-term- 6 hours or less, then admission to NICU or transfer to mom/baby. The other 20 beds are two, 10-room pods in CCN, which is basically a level 2 step-down nursery.

    Mostly preemies in the NICU, 23weeks+. The occasional cardiac kid needing stabilization before surgery, term babies with term baby issues, etc.

    Feel free to PM me for more info.