help need some advice

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    I need some advice,,Help,,
    I got a bachelor Degree in Nursing in
    the Philippines but unfortunately I don't have my license there which the Maine Board of Nursing
    required to get NCLEX in ME and be a nurse.
    I graduated 3 years ago so I'm thinking to go back in school and get associate in Nursing and
    hopefully my credentials will be credited and just take a year in school.
    Hopefully you can give me some advices and information about this, Thank you very much.
    I want to know which school also is the best and affordable i looked into SMCC but there program
    is on 2013 fall i don't want to wait for that long,

    hopefully someone can help about here,,

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    Can you not go to another state for initial application and then endorse?
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    hi silverdragon i already ask the state board of nursing here in ME if they are accepting endorsement from another state and they told me No they still need my license in the Philippines,,I ask also in New Hampshire they can allow me to take NCLEX without a license in the Philippines but they require me a proof of residency which is I can't give and I can't move also because my husband got a good paying job here in ME
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    Proof of residency would be greencard or other visa that allows you to reside in the US. I know Vermont issues license without Philippine license. Alternatively could you not arrange to sit NLE?
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    thanks for the information Ms. Silver i got my GC already they're asking proof of residency in state
    we're I reside and I send an e-mail in VErmont they don't issue license without a Philippine license
    ME it's really hard here in ME,,
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    Would have thought GC would be enough, Didn't know Vermont required local license because many use that state for initial license according to posters in the International forum

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