Anyone from Central Maine? I'll be in Dover-Foxcroft

  1. Hi!
    I've taken a 13 wk travel assignment to Mayo Regional (L&D) in Dover-Foxcroft. I start Jan. 12th, and am currently on the road (from Florida) to the Bangor region. Can't wait!
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  3. by   OBRN1994
    Well...I've been here for 2 weeks and no responses from this site Glad that I've met nice people at work.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Maine does tend to be a quiet forum, glad you have found some nice people and I take it the job is going well?
  5. by   OBRN1994
    Yes, quite well...thanks for asking!
  6. by   TrailBlazerRN
    I go to Dover-foxcroft area every summer (I have a house on Sebec Lake) and know Mayo Regional Hospital very well. My dad needed to go ED at Mayo for a broken arm and they handled it very well. All in all, it's an excellent community hospital with exceptional physicians and nursing care. Dover is a very friendly area, I hope you enjoy your travel assignment there.
  7. by   Nursing_Dude
    I'm going to be moving from Minnesota to Bangor, ME because my wife got an internship at UME in orono for her phd. Is it as beautiful an area as I've heard? I love the outdoors.
  8. by   OBRN1994
    The area is beautiful! If you are accustom to the weather....which I'm sure you will love it here. The people are very friendly. My husband and I just spent a long weekend in Quebec City...which is 200 miles to the north of us. That was a lot of fun, you can place that on your "to do" while in Bangor list!
  9. by   Nursing_Dude
    Thanks, I'm really excited and yes I'm pretty used to the cold and snow. I've never lived outside the midwest. Any other advice or info would be awesome! (Mainly because I'm excited but a little part of me is a bit nervous)

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