Two years and going strong

  1. 6 I posted on here somewhere around March of 2010. I had an interview as an ADON after spending 20+ years in critical care at a hospital. Some of you told me you wouldn't hire me because of no LTC experience (although I started my healthcare career as a CNA and worked as a floor LPN part time many years ago). No one was more surprised than I when I was actually hired! After only 8 months, my DON went on surgery FMLA for 2 months, leaving me and a brand new ADON (also with no experience) "in charge." Everyone else in the building, including the Admin. said I did a bang up job. I must say I did enjoy it and hated to see her come back! Now, 2 years after being hired, I still love my job. Is it frustrating and over-whelming at times. Hell yes! But would I leave? Hell no! Have I lost some of my skills? A few. But I still get to start my share of IV's. I still "get" to code people (although doing CPR and calling 911 are a bit different then pushing epi and starting dopamine) and I still get to make critical assessments to keep residents out of the hospital. Do I wish my staff would make a decision on their own? Daily! Do I get upset when they do "paper compliance" on treatments and such? Yes! I've hired, I've fired, I've counseled, I've been "interim" DON twice. I've worked 50-60 hours a week when necessary. I've been CNA for short staffing (on nights!). I've thought about quitting a couple times. My DON laughs and tells me she couldn't get me out of there if she tried. She's right. After 2 years, I still love my job. MOST days! I can't say it's for everyone. The rules are so different than the hospital. Having to get orders for a bandaid is a little ridiculous. But, like in the hospital, once a doc gets to know you, you do have a little leeway. I've learned so much. And I love my residents. Some more than others, of course. . . .

    A good day
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    He/She that findeth a good job has found a good thing indeed.
    It is a wonderful feeling to take a look at what you do on a daily basis and be happy with the good, bad and the shortcomings.
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    Thanks for the is always nice to see what happens with some of the posts!
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    Happy for you! nuttin like going to work and loving your job!!! ooo weee!!!! what a wonderful feeling!!!!! good for you!!!

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