Two years and going strong

  1. I posted on here somewhere around March of 2010. I had an interview as an ADON after spending 20+ years in critical care at a hospital. Some of you told me you wouldn't hire me because of no LTC experience (although I started my healthcare career as a CNA and worked as a floor LPN part time many years ago). No one was more surprised than I when I was actually hired! After only 8 months, my DON went on surgery FMLA for 2 months, leaving me and a brand new ADON (also with no experience) "in charge." Everyone else in the building, including the Admin. said I did a bang up job. I must say I did enjoy it and hated to see her come back! Now, 2 years after being hired, I still love my job. Is it frustrating and over-whelming at times. Hell yes! But would I leave? Hell no! Have I lost some of my skills? A few. But I still get to start my share of IV's. I still "get" to code people (although doing CPR and calling 911 are a bit different then pushing epi and starting dopamine) and I still get to make critical assessments to keep residents out of the hospital. Do I wish my staff would make a decision on their own? Daily! Do I get upset when they do "paper compliance" on treatments and such? Yes! I've hired, I've fired, I've counseled, I've been "interim" DON twice. I've worked 50-60 hours a week when necessary. I've been CNA for short staffing (on nights!). I've thought about quitting a couple times. My DON laughs and tells me she couldn't get me out of there if she tried. She's right. After 2 years, I still love my job. MOST days! I can't say it's for everyone. The rules are so different than the hospital. Having to get orders for a bandaid is a little ridiculous. But, like in the hospital, once a doc gets to know you, you do have a little leeway. I've learned so much. And I love my residents. Some more than others, of course. . . .

    A good day
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  3. by   RNnbakes
    He/She that findeth a good job has found a good thing indeed.
    It is a wonderful feeling to take a look at what you do on a daily basis and be happy with the good, bad and the shortcomings.
  4. by   CoffeeRTC
    Thanks for the is always nice to see what happens with some of the posts!
  5. by   kgregg
    Happy for you! nuttin like going to work and loving your job!!! ooo weee!!!! what a wonderful feeling!!!!! good for you!!!

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