SBAR Interact 3

  1. Are you using them? How did you introduce the program or did you do it in increments?
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    We use all the Interact tools, especially the SBAR. We rolled them out one tool at a time. We're involved with the BCBS incentive so we try everything we can to keep our residents in the building. I think there are plenty of web sites with information on how to use the Interact tools. Try MedLine university.
  4. by   Nascar nurse
    At my last facility we used PCC and the progress note for change of condition was automatically laid out in SBAR format. My new facility does not do that but I'm already trying to talk the powers that be to change it. We fax most new concerns to the Dr....I am looking at changing our fax format to SBAR format.

    CCM..I'd be interested in knowing exactly how you use/implement the interact tools. I can't get my brain wrapped around anything more than laminating each tool and hanging them in the med room for reference.
  5. by   LTCRN4LIFE
    I plan on first rolling out the Stop and Watch tool. I am going to take it to the printers and have it made into a "notebook" like a waitress would use so the aides can put it in their pocket. The SBAR.....I like the idea of turning it into a fax Nascar....I will have to do that.....the transfer to the hospital form...of course all the tools will be implemented but this is how I plan on starting.

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