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I always worked in acute care until 6 months ago when I got a job at a LTC facility which is where I always wanted to be. I have my RN BSN MS and worked VERY hard for all my degrees. Do I feel I'm... Read More

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    Why not try to just let it slide off your back? Just walk away. That's their mess.
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    Quote from americanTrain
    I hear every post refer to LPN, but here in Texas, we call them LVN's. I guess Im the only one here in Tx. Howdy Folks! Lol
    California and Texas! I guess we're special!
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    Hi there,
    You didn't mention what your position is in the faciltiy you are in. But, nurses are the first to beat each other down, its a fact.
    So a pleasant conversation sounds like it would be in order. Remind this LPN that we are all nurses & being an RN does not make you a "better" nurse, or a "real nurse" but that it gives you a different perspective on/in nursing. I hope this helps a bit.

    Give yourself a hug for caring & have a great day!
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    Quote from amflvn
    I've only been an LVN for about year now. I have no hatred/bitterness against RNs. (I look up to my mom, she was an RN for over 30+ years. Rest in Peace, Mom. <3) She did warn me when I wanted to become an LVN first before an RN that there would be tension between them. I guess from what she's seen at work. But I didn't think it was worse than I thought.

    I work at a SNF/LTC I don't even get any negative remarks/attitudes against my RN co-workers. I look up to everyone. I appreciate that everyone are helpful at my work. We are a team.The RNs, LVNs, RNAs, CNAs, etc get along well. Everyone does. Doesn't matter what "title" you have.

    The only thing that bothers me are my so called "friends" who went/going to RN school. When I was in LVN school they would say,"Your school is not a 'real' school" or "I'm not gonna go to your graduation because it's not a real graduation/degree. " Others would say to me, "Are you going back for your RN? Wait until I graduate so I can be your boss." And another friend of mine that's an RN said to me, "I need another job I get paid only as much as an LVN."

    It's like they totally disregard I am an LVN and I won't get offended by this. My friends JUST graduated, didn't even pass the NCLEX-RN and they're talking like they're better than me. I wish they didn't. Imagine when they DO become RNs. I only have a few friends that are humble that don't put stuff like that in my face. I feel like it's unnecessary. It's hard not to let it get me down but it really does. In general, who wants to be around people who think they're better than everyone, right?!

    I really wish people weren't so proud because it really brings me down. Have you guys seen this attitude from other people? What do you guys think of these remarks and how would you react to them?
    Oh my, I was a CNA, then an LPN, now an RN.... I could tell you some stories, bottom line, we are all health care workers, just as important as the next and now as a DNS, I suffer from "too far from the bedside" to even GET the hear the negativety, so hold your head up high, lots of people talk a lot of trash, no particular reason, just talking, and there are so many positive aspects to all the jobs, I missed being WITH the residents as much, when I got my LPN, and now RN puts me further into the paperwork/documentation/administrating part. SO... I have learned, enjoy each part of your life, even the bad parts.. every challenge is an opportunity.
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    Quote from Chin up
    What is tripping you up is the LPN is under the direct supervision of A RN. Not all RN's. A DON can delegate to her LPN certain duties, the LPN then delegates the same to an RN. You still, are taking orders from an RN, the DON, but through an LPN. That is how they get around LPN's being supervisors. LPN's are not, nor ever were under every RN. But they are under one. Does that make sense?

    Also, you have a new grad or young RN's and 20 plus years LPN's. Who you going to listen too? That is the other dilemma in LTC, not enough RN's. LPN's rule LTC. But that is because, RN's don't stay or if they do they don't want supervisory roles. Someone has to do it...
    In LTC, dependent on the facility policies and procedures, LPN's have their own scope of practice. I was an LPN/Nurse manager for long time, I "supervised" RN's, LPN's and aides, however, each nurse retains their own scope of practice irregardless of mine, I of course, deferred to the RN scope of practice, but my real job was as a Resident Care Manager, managing the unit and the residents. RN's in this state can delegate certain tasks, but typically the LPN already has that task as part of THEIR scope of practice, typically delegation in the community is for the med techs and caregivers. All nursing staff report to the DNS, but the DNS isn't delegating any authority to her staff, as they all have their own licenses and scopes of practice. DNS represents the facilities interests and overall patient care.
    We are seeing a lot of new RN"s entering LTC, very refreshing and welcomed. Some of the new grad RN's are so sharp and impressive, able to step right into a leadership role as a nurse manager, and that is beneficial for LTC.