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P&P for Infection Control

  1. 0 Does anyone have a P&P on infection control specifically about mice? Please don't laugh. I'm in the middle of survey. We are a really old building and have an issue with mice. The surveyor wants this by tomorrow morning.
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    Yikes! Sorry, I have no help to offer, just sympathy. Good luck
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    I know you said specifically for mice, but maybe try googling "vermin and pest control policy." I believe they fall under that category.

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    Thanks...we found one from a sister facility.
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    Huh...would have never thought about needing a P and P for this. What does it include?
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    We have the toughest surveyors in Massachusetts. Mice...jeez...they're little and don't bite. What's the big deal? Since half of my residents used to live on the streets or in the woods.....

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