In Survey - facing G tag!

  1. 0 Help! My facility is having its annual survey and we are possibly facing a g tag. I am apprehensive talking about this situation online but really need so guidance from someone who understands actual harm citations.
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    Don't know if I can help but feel free to PM me
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    I've seen G tags given lately in situations where there was no harm. I'd be glad to help if you want to send a PM.
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    You are welcome to PM me. I will try to help.
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    You can PM me too. I was just recently helping out a facility that got several G's and might have a few ideas for your POC.
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    This was my situation two weeks ago! What we did was put in some long hours once the surveyors left for the day, focus on heading off the issue, and arguing the point aggressively including getting the medical director to speak to the surveyors as well. We ended up not getting a G. PM me if you need help.

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