How much staffing do you have? - page 2

Hey, I'm ADON at a small rural ltc facility and I'm wanting to compare staffing with other places. How many residents do you have on average and how many nurses and cna's do you use to staff the... Read More

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    7-3 = 2
    3-11 = 1
    11-7 = 1

    7-3 and 3-11 have a 30:1 patient to nurse ratio
    11-7 have a 60:1 patient to nurse ratio

    7-3 has 10:1 patient to CNA
    3-11 has 12:1 patient to CNA
    11-7 has 20:1 patient to CNA

    This is a 120 bed LTC/ dually certified SNF with approx 40 SNF and 80 NF residents at a given time.

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