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  1. 0 I work in an assisted living and I would like to be up- to - date with the changes that are happaning in my field based on evidence based practice. I would like to subscribe to a geriatric magazine that will help me on the above. Dose any one know of such a magazine. I did a research but there are a thousand that comes up and I dont know which one is the best. Please help.Thank you
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    I'm a member of National Gerontological Nursing Association, their magazine has been a great source of info for me.

    I work LTC - I don't know if there is an organization that would offer info more specific to assisted living.
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    Hi Vampiregirl,

    Thank you. I will google their website.Thank you
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    Last time I read an article in the magazine of the National Gerontological Nursing Association there was an article on how to best give a bed bath. I kid you not, the article suggested we need hot bath blankets and soft what world?
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    CCM - now that's funny!
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    Thank you. Is there a magazine that we nurses can ready before bed.I am tired of playing with the laptop/computer.During working hours, Iam on the computer so I want something that is a magazine to read.I think we need a magazine.
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    I agree that is funny

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