Geriatics is my Passion.. How do I get into this field ?

  1. Hello DONs/ADONs~.

    I am a more mature new grad in my 30's and my passion is Geriatrics. I have a BSN and also a BBA. I have worked as a Client Care Coordinator(actually I was the owner of a small non -medical home care agency). I started this business to earn an income while having my babies ( raising them) and getting my degrees. I have always wanted to be a nurse in the SNF/LTC. Besides my home care agency, I worked as a staffing coordinator at other home care agencies and also worked as a billing specialist for a medical billing firm.

    My goal eventually after 5 to 10 years would be a DON/ADON. I graduated in December 2013. I just passed my boards and I have been looking for a job in a LTC/SNF. The problem I am encountering is that there are no jobs for new RN grads. Most LTC in my area are hiring LVNs ( Houston TX).

    So my question to you DONs/ADONs, how do you advise me to reach the Recruiters at LTC?? I have tried walk ins, calling and online. I just complete applications and never get called back. I follow up after a few days and never get connected to the Nurse Manager. I am only told that if I qualify that they will contact me.

    I will appreciate your earnest advise. How can I reach DONs and the people that are running the nursing homes. Please help!!!
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Be persistent. I only hire RNs and lots of new grads. I wouldn't suggest walking in and telling the DON that you want her job ( although some days, I'd be happy to hand over the keys!) but you should tell him/her that you want to make your career in LTC. I'd much rather hire someone who's going to stick it out for the long term (no pun intended) than someone I know is just putting in time until they get a 'real' nursing job.
  4. by   DixieGrace
    Thanks. What is the best way to reach the Nursing Mangers? I picked up a senior's guide and literally called all the SNF/ Nursing Homes in the book ( within 25miles proximity of my home) and was told that they were not hiring. So to make a lasting impression would you recommend that I do the following: is it by walk-ins, online applications, faxing my resume or by mailing it. Or a combination of all of them. Thanks again for your response.
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Most of the time the DNS does the hiring or the ADNS. Many facilities don't have on line applications. If I were you, I'd go in person armed with a resume' and cover letter. Ask to fill out an application. Just because there are no openings today doesn't mean they won't need a nurse a week from now.
    Ask to speak to whoever does the hiring and let them know you want to make LTC your career. Maybe you'll be lucky and they'll hire you on spot or offer a per diem position (which is hard for a new grad,but it's a foot in the door). At the very least, they'll have your resume' and know you're serious about working.
  6. by   Ruas61
    I am amazed there are no openings in LTC.
  7. by   Sam J.
    The people who's jobs are actually 'open', in LTC, are often amazed to find their jobs 'are' available, just not to ... them?