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new grad starting with Genesis health care. Does anyone have experience with this company that they could share? positives and negatives? thanks in advance!... Read More

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    thank you very much iceprincess... i will be responsible for 30 patients and the thought alone seems daunting. i have to figure out my routine to meet all the requirements in an efficient manner. im just so worried that i wont have time to properly assess residents. i am fresh out of nursing school - clinicals had 2 patients. this will be huge difference, and no clinical instructor there guiding me... ahh just new nurse jitters i guess.

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    Hi...I'm new to this site and I think it's a fantastic communication source and very informative!

    Is there anyone who has experienced the Genesis hiring process? If so, is it usually a long, timeconsuming process????

    I plan on completing a second-degree accelertaed BSN program. In the meantime I completed a CNA/GNA program to get an introduction to working in a nursing environment. After finally getting my initial license from the MBON, which was a time consuming & frustrating process; I have had interviews at Patient First and Genesis. The interviewer at Genesis made it seem as if I had the job by saying, "You're gonna like it here...". However, just a few weeks ago they asked for re-verification of my license again and four references. Within a four-month span they slowly ask me for more info...but no official job offer. I know they do background checks...but that should only take a few days. Getting into a whole new profession isn't as easy as I thought it would be!
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    I realize your post is a year old, but I'm a potential employee at Genesis. From your the Genesis hiring process, background check, etc. unusually long? So far HR does not seem competent...I had to call after three months to follow up after submitting application...then I was scheduled to do a urine test, submit immunization records, and fill out background check info. and the HR representative was three hours late to meet me.
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    Heard many negs about this company.
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    My best friend is a don at a genesis building and loves it good luck
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    I oriented with two new grads. I'm enjoying my time working with them. I'm a supervisor, and I enjoy the team that I'm working with.

    You are going to lean a lot, and try have great educational and leadership opportunities,


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