CNA's protected by "the union"

  1. A nurse at my LTC told me that once a union gets into an LTC that they never leave. She said that I need to accept the fact that some of the CNA's who are always lazy nasty and hateful will always be working at this job. Is this true? She said it is "too difficult" for management to get rid of them.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    From my experience having worked with several different CNA unions, it all depends. Although unions do work to protect/support their members' interests, I have seen where several of those unions did NOT want BAD employees. It reflects on their reputations and can antagonize management/union relations. Some unions are reasonable to work with.

    The disciplinary process can be very difficult but it CAN work. But it does take work on the part of line nurses, supervisors and management. And sadly, there are many points of weakness in the chain links that can derail the process.

    But it can work. And yes, once a union does get in, it is usually there to stay.
  4. by   LTCRN4LIFE
    As long as you go by the Policies and the Union contract you will hardly know they are there. Sad really because the employee pays for all those dues when they have the protection of thePolicies and the Labor Board to name a few...that cost nothing!