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What are the pros and cons of LPN and RN programs?

  1. 0 Hi everyone..I posted a related thread but here I go again.

    I was just wondering if anyone can advise me on the differences between LPN and RN programs and the end results. I have previously read that if my ultimate goal is to become an RN (which it is), to just go for it and bypass the LPN program; however, after months of trying I have not been accepted into an RN program yet. I have recently been accepted into an LPN program, but I'm wondering how difficult it is to transition from the LPN to RN program. I've heard of the bridge program, but I have been forewarned that it is much more difficult to bridge into the program than it would be if I went directly into the RN program. I am thinking that I should just be happy that I have the opportunity to become an LPN and I should not pass up this chance to get my foot in the door. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    I was an LPN before I earned my RN license. A major benefit of doing it this way is the fact that you can earn good income as an LPN while attending an RN bridge program. That's what I did. In addition, getting into a LPN-to-RN bridge program was not very hard.
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    @Moderator-Great. Thanks so much...that is very reassuring! I heard that the school I am going to, it is difficult to bridge from LPN to RN. I guess if that is the case, I can try somewhere else after completing the LPN program.
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    I didn't find it difficult to find a bridge program. I had to take some pre-reqs r/t some classes not transfering, but I'm in an LPN/BSN bridge now. We have to take NLN ACE 1 and ACE 2, dosage testing, and 2 pass/fail clinicals. We can either go to school pt time or full time. Plus, as The Commuter said, you can earn a decent living as an LPN. Good luck along your path.
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    My deciding factor was LPN is a year, RN 2 years (not incl. pre-req's). I liked the idea of having a license I could fall back on if the bridge program didn't work for me or if my family situation required me to quit. And as others have stated, I work weekends and make great money while attending my bridge program.
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    I am a LPN and in a LPN to BSN program I work part-time and I make a great living and I enjoy what I do and I am in a learning environment so I'm very happy with my decision because in my area its super hard to get right into a RN program and I didn't have time to wait, my aunt was on a waiting list before I started a 18 month LPN program and was still on it as we speak.

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