Seminole State College LPN to RN program

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    Hello! Has anyone out there been through or going through Seminole State's LPN to RN transition program here in FL ? I just wanted to get an idea of the workload, instructors and how many days a week you are actually in class/clinicals. I'm going to an information session next month but was curious as to what to expect since I also have a family, full-time job, etc. Thanks for any input!

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    Interested in the same, Did you find anything out??
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    I am applying for the summer of 2014 as well.The only info I know is from the website. Would be great to hear from others!
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    A former classmate graduated from the program last year and I emailed her a similar question, per her response they were on-site 2-3 times a week including clinicals and labs. campus times were around 8-3. thats all the info I have hope it helps a little. Will also be applying summer 2014 God willing.
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    I got my email today. I got in :-D
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    I got my email today i am an alternate. I am quite surprised, i finished my pre reqs in 2010, had a 3.86 gpa, and scored an 83.3 on the TEAS. They said I needed to clarify my work experoence, i guess because i have been in management for the last 6 years. Im bummed! Hope i can get a spot anyway, maybe somebody will back out.
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    RNbygrace if you dont mind me asking when did you finish pre reqs and how was your teas score?
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    I got my email as well and got in to start in May! I'm excited as well as feeling apprehensive about the busy year ahead since I'm trying to stay working full-time as well. Hopefully it won't be to bad since I work 3- 12 hour shifts a week. Congrats!!
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    Let me know if you would like to exchange info. I received my email as well and will be starting in May.
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    Congrats to all of you who were accepted. I am really curious to know if everyone that was accepted finished their pre reqs by spring of 2010. Im trying to figure out if i was put on the alternate list because of work experience, teas score, or if there was that many people who finished pre reqs before me. They college is not responding to my questions :-/

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