Pasadena PCC RN or LVN-RN Winter 2018

  1. Hello all-

    Starting a thread for Pasadena City College Winter 2018 Cohort. Deadline was July 1st, 2017.

    Good luck to everyone-
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  3. by   danielalvn
    I applied to the LVN to RN bridge program this summer and still waiting. I think we should find out by October. I got As on all my prerequisites, except for Anatomy in which I got a C, and 78 on the TEAS. I got some other stuff like second language and 1,000 hours of LVN work. This wait is killing me! I also applied to Moorpark and GCC for their LVN to RN, and to pierce and lavc for their regular RN program. PCC should be the first school to send their acceptances/denials. I also think with PCC the chances are much higher because they accept 20 LVN, while other schools barely accept any.
  4. by   PandaPug
    It's killing me too! I didn't focus on applying to other schools because I thought we would have heard from Pasadena by now. They said 10 weeks but this is already the 11th week. My next application will be Rio Hondo. They are Oct 1-31st.

    I have A's in my pre-reqs, 92 TEAS, and I wrote a sob story about my life for the extra point.

    Keep me posted!
  5. by   danielalvn
    You applied to the LVN to RN program? or just regular RN? I have talked to a counselor at PCC and she told me with my stats I am above average and should not have an issue with getting in, but even with her assurance I do not feel safe nor calm. You have better stats so you should be good, especially for the LVN to RN if that is the route you're doing. I hear 10 weeks too, but looking at threads from previous years, none of them took only 10 weeks to get their acceptance letter. So as of now I told myself to not worry till October, but I feel like my anxiety is getting worse as the days come closer! I will let you know as soon as I hear something from them! Good luck!!!
  6. by   Tajin
    How late are they in sending the admission notices?
  7. by   Tajin
    Any updates? I feel like the LVN-RN applicants should've found out already.
  8. by   PandaPug
    No updates. I emailed earlier this week and no response so far.
  9. by   danielalvn
    I feel like we should of found out at the very beginning of October! This is honestly driving me crazy. I check my email about 20 times per day!
  10. by   PandaPug
    I just got an email reply from them. It says we won't know until November.
  11. by   Tajin
    Quote from PandaPug
    I just got an email reply from them. It says we won't know until November.
    You would think LVN-RN applicants should find out already since they still need to do orientation and a transitional course during the winter semester..