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I graduated from LPN school in 2010, was lucky to get a job right out of school. Worked for a year and then decided to go back to pursue my RN in Jan ' 12. I challenged the first semester of an ADN... Read More

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    Congrats, I am a little bit jealous as I just started and don't graduate until December.

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    Hey guys! Keeping up the momentum!! Only 8 more weeks until I graduate!! First test done! First care plan done!! Almost there we can do it!! We just finished normal OB and now we are doing burns, renal and liver what a doosey!!
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    I received my final grades today, I am graduating and will soon be an RN!!
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    Done! Took final today!
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    Great job guys!! Almost done too! One more week and pulling an A! Can't wait for pinning!!
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    Congrats everyone! Can't wait until its me in Dec 2013!!! :-)
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    Great job everyone! I am proud to say I am DONE!!! Officially an graduate RN! Its been a long road!!

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