Lvn to rn Weatherford college 2011 - page 3

Hi everyone I am an lvn trying to get in bridge program at weathford college in tx, any other lvns apply? Im about avg on gpa and teas just want to know what my chances are? Are there any former wc lvn to rn students out there?... Read More

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    Thank you Mandy! Have you taken the TEAS V? What did you use to study for it?

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    Yes I took the TEAS three times, last July and November, and then again in January. Got a little better score each time. I used the study guide they provide in the book store...however I think they are using a different one now. I used it mainly for the math and science portions. Good luck!!!!
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    Hello, I just finishes all my pre requisites and all co-recs for ADN at Weatherford College. After speaking to Karen Long, I learned that my "B"'s in all pre recs may not be enough unless i ace the TEAS V.. I am so worried. with all my pre recs and co recs together I only will have 7 points for all the hard work in AP1 &AP2 and Micro, and math! I am wondering about doing the LVN and then bridge. Any suggestions?
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    I made all A's except in math, which was a c, and i didnt get in the adn program... im not trying to discourage you at all! you should definitely try! but always keep your options open! i tried for the adn and lvn program, and im going with the lvn program and will do the lvn to rn once im done!

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