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    I am LPN for three years almost four years. I work in a long term nursing home second shift. I will not have time to do classes at a campus. Anyone know anything about college network for my LPN to RN?

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    The College Network is not an LPN-to-RN program.

    In reality, the College Network is a publishing company that sells expensive books and study guides that correspond to courses offered at online colleges that offer distance-based nursing programs. In the end, your nursing degree will be issued by either Excelsior College (for the associates) or Indiana State (for the BSN).

    Students have successfully completed online LPN-to-RN programs directly through Excelsior and Indiana State without using publishing companies such as the College Network. In fact, Excelsior College's website contains a warning about publishing companies.

    Why pay $400+ for study materials and books through the College Network when this stuff can be obtained for a fraction of the cost at many other online sources?
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    And I would add that if there is a community college near you, see what they have for LPN-RN. It is less expensive, it is something that may be covered in part by scholarships and/or government loans/grants. I am not a huge fan of for profit study guides that one can get a better understanding of the material by going to a class, or taking a dedicated class online (which many community colleges have a number of your general ed courses online).
    Best of luck in this journey!!
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    I did purchase material through The College Network. It was costly but I think purchasing through Excelsior would have been just as much if not more. Do your homework......check costs of books through Excelsior. Had to do the CPNE twice with Excelsior to pass. Very difficult and trying on the nerves!!! Would definitely recommend going to a traditional college if you can swing it time wise. I graduated from Excelsior in January and just took my boards on March 1, 2013 and found out this evening that I am an official RN!! Good luck!!
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    Purchase Excelsiors recommended books. College network is expensive and ridiculous. You use the same books for the entire nursing program. So yes excelsior books are less expensive. You can purchase older editions if you really want to save money. I purchased all my books for under $1000. With study guides and college network wants what $600 a study guide?! Or more? Stick with Excelsior.
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    Hi Teddybear...everything I've read about the College Network was basically a joke. So many people have been swindled by them and are now in so much debt it's sad. I don't know where you're from, and what your learning style is, but I am enrolled in an online LPN-RN program through University of Rio Grande in Ohio. I am married with a 10 yo and 6 yo and NO time to report to class! I have found online learning awesome...most are intimidated but honestly, just buckle down and focus. Get your own study routine and many times you can find others near you that can participate in study groups. I am more an independent learner so I love this option. Online learning is not for "whiners" though! (many get frustrated at the lack of instruction and direction to find answers, but you just have to stay positive and tell yourself I'm going to get this figured out, and not stop until you get the answer you need. Giving up too early is why so many so they 'hate' online learning and the school they're attending, and would not recommend it) You have to take initiative versus someone holding your hand. Once you have that mind-set, it's really pretty easy. Search around, there's not many programs available though, but hopefully you find what works for you, good luck!
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    Thanks everyone I too was also thinking about getting my RN through college network... Now I have a better understanding of what college network is all about ...
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    How are you liking Rio Grande ? Is all class content online ? How often are clinicals and what are the hours ? Is there a minimum score to get in ? Are there stipulations if you live out of state ? Thanks
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    I start my "orientation" class next week! Is there anyone @ Circleville area going to LPN-RN online at Rio? How long are the semesters? is it 2 straight years with no break? ..lol so many questions no answers...
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    Hello are you still attending RIO? I just started orientation this week. How do or did you like it?Is it 2 years with no break? are the classes 16 weeks long with clinicals?

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