LPN to RN program without work experience

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    Hello everyone. I'm currently an LPN. I took my boards a few months ago. I recently applied to a LPN to RN program and waiting to see if I got accepted. My concern is that since I have no work experience, the transition from LPN to RN will be difficult for me. Im nervous that the other students that will be in my class will have the upper hand since they probably would have 10+ years of experience while i have none =/. Has anyone here done an LPN to RN program without any work experience as an LPN? How difficult was it for you? Any advice and tips will be appreciated.

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    I think it depends on the program. Where I went to school about 50% of the students went directly into the transition program, which basically funneled them into the 2nd semester of the RN program. I have heard that other programs actually prefer 'x' amt of nursing experience, esp if they are accelerated or are only a transition program and do not have plain RN students in them.

    You can always ask the school what percentage of lpn-rn students have experience when they start their school.

    good luck
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    Hey @missnurse01! Thanks so much for the reply. At my school, the first semester is a transition class with only LPNs and then the following semester we have class with the generic students. Students aren't required to have experience but of course many students will already have some. I just hope the professor takes into consideration that just because everyone in the class are LPNs, some have more clinical experience. I'm just so nervous. =/But thanks again for that information. I really appreciate it! =)
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    From what I remember what those classes were like it is either a review of the stuff the generic students just did, and/or a role transitions type class as you are moving to RN. I think you will do great, don't worry! and very good luck to you!
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    I received my LPN license through high school and I have no work experience whatsoever. I am currently in my third semester of LPN-RN school, so I will graduate in May at the age of 21...School is not difficult to me at all..Some of the things that you will learn will not take that long to comprehend because you had a jist of it already in LPN school..The LPNs that have 10+ years working experience seem to struggle a little more than I do because what they are used to doing in "real life" at their jobs is sometime completely different from what the NCLEX will be testing you on and from what the textbooks teach. LPNs with work experience have a slight advantage when it comes to clinical so you wont have to worry.

    As for my tips, dont worry about how others will be able to function and do the best you can. Make sure you know how to correctly do CPR and brush up on your foundation skills.
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    @missnurse01 thank you! I just needed reassurance from someone who has done the program so thanks a lot =). @good_bye_kitty Hey. I also did my LPN in high school and will be graduating as an RN (if I get accepted to the program) at age 21. Lol what a coincidence. Thanks so much for the encouragement and tips. It's nice to see someone that is in the same predicament making it through the LPN to RN program without work experience.
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    While I haven't personally done it, I do have 3 classmates who are LPN's who have no work experience as an LPN at all. They are all doing fine.

    I was licensed in '08 and have worked as an LPN since. The one drawback to having experience as an LPN is going back into that 'student' role. I have to remember at school I am just a student.Where as for you, you have only given meds or done a skill/procedure with an instructor present so you basically still have that mind set. I have been giving meds on my own since June 08 under my own accord and license..now I have to remember I cannot give meds (even after the instructor has verified I have pulled/drawn the correct med, etc), I have to wait until she is present to do it. Drives me batty! But I get it. Another drawback is I am used to how MY facility does things, how I do things and I find myself slidding back into thinking that I am to do things that way when the hospital or the instructor want it done another way. It can be difficult to keep myself in the student role and not as a licensed nurse. I have to constantly remind myself and remember the NCLEX world nursing is not real life nursing. And while in school NCLEX-world is how I must act and function.

    Having experience does have its perks too. Especially with clinicals. I am very confident in drawing up meds where some of my cohorts still haven't really mastered the art of it or they are still nervous when having a new patient or having to do a procedure/skill. I'm lucky enough that I've had the time and experience in doing those things 100's if not 1000's of times (I cannot count how many units of insulin I have drawn up and given, or how many wounds I've cleaned and dressed). And yet my instructor still makes me nervous when I draw up a med or do a procedure..almost like it is the first time I've done it.

    There are pro's and con's to having experience and not having experience.
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    @CT Pixie Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it!
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    Hello, I know this post is a little old but can anyone leave the names of the schools you are attending? I am looking to transition without work experience and I am trying to find schools that offer this opportunity.

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    Quote from DESAMDES
    Hello, I know this post is a little old but can anyone leave the names of the schools you are attending? I am looking to transition without work experience and I am trying to find schools that offer this opportunity.

    Thats a pretty broad question...what State are you in...that can narrow it down.

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