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I am LPN for three years almost four years. I work in a long term nursing home second shift. I will not have time to do classes at a campus. Anyone know anything about college network for my LPN to RN?... Read More

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    Thanks everyone I too was also thinking about getting my RN through college network... Now I have a better understanding of what college network is all about ...
    I am with the college network working on the rest of my prereq's for ISU's Online LVN to BSN program...I DID NOT purchase the study guides because they are all online anyway and can be printed out chapter by chapter or the entire course...the only thing I am paying for is the testing fees to test out the classes I am taking...I tried the JC route and just found that with my work schedule & family life trying to get to class was such an issue and then when I was there, trying to stay awake to listen to some boring lecture. Now, I am able to study when I WANT, I have no deadlines for some stupid homework assignment, a test I need to study for, ect. I am simply VERY happy with my decision to go this route...

    In additon, I read all the reviews about TCN and took it upon myself to research the company...as I stated I am very happy with my experience with TCN to the point that I have referred three people already to them who are also very happy...three more people to go and I get my entire TCN portion paid IN FULL by them...

    When I signed up with them, I told my rep that I was not able to afford the down payment ($400) at that time. Instead of telling me to call back when I was able, he simply asked me what I could afford and then we ended up just enrolling in the general ed courses that I need to finish with $50 down and a monthly payment of $100. When I am ready to take the four nursing courses that need to be passed before applying to ISU, we will then add that cost in and my monthly payment will increase to $150. I also declined on the NCLEX study package which saved me $525 and also TCN is making my first monthly payment for me...I also declined the study modules which cost $35 plus tax and shipping and just print what I need from home (everything is online) so that saved me $1000 (including tax and shipping for each module)

    I think the problem with some of the people that are bashing TCN is the rep that signed them...my rep was so honest and really had my best interest at heart. If you sign up with a person who cares more about the commission they are going to get, of course they are going to rob you blind...if you would like to inquire about the program, my rep would be more than happy to assist you and if you tell him I referred you, he will give you a discount on your program cost in addition to the discounts he can offer you without the referral.

    All, in all this is your journey and if TCN is an option for you, then YOU owe it to yourself to get the facts NOT rely on what is posted on a forum by some people who have had a bad experience. In addition, I have a dozen or so friends that just completed the program from the TCN stage to the ISU stage and passed the NCLEX with flying colors, gainfully employed along with very happy with thier experience. That is what I listened to before signing up with them...

    Best of luck to you.

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