LPN-RN bridge program that only requires 3 Nur Classes?

  1. 1 Hi, im a new LPN and i was inquiring around to different colleges in my area for the LPN-RN bridge program since my original nursing school didn't have a RN program. I was amazed at the various requirements of different schools; the grading scales for a passing grade were all different ranging from a 71 to an 80 for a 'C' avg. Some schools required 7 nur courses, some required only 5 or 6, and i even found one that only require 3 Nursing courses in 2 semesters! this one didn't even require a lpn-rn transition course, the only courses you take there is an advanced med-surg, psych, and a management course. So, I guess my question is; Is less better in this case???
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    3 courses doesn't sound right. I would check out your local BON website (or email someone there) to see if that program is accepted by them. If you look on the website, most BONs list the schools that they accept. Don't get fooled into going to a non-accepted school. Now that there is good money to be made in starting a nursing education program, there seems to be a proliferation of diploma mills out there. Your BON will be able to guide you as to what they require for ed programs.
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    I am currently in a bridge program and I definitely have to take more than 3 courses. Just be very careful because the last thing you want to do is pay for these classes and not be able to pass your boards.e
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    Mine only had 3 nursing courses but they were between 6-8 credits so nothing to sneeze at. Definitely check with your BON to see that each program is accepted and then if I were you I'd go for the shortest and cheapest one that you can get acctepted into. Good luck!
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    Yeah its accredited, i found out about the school on my state BON website, they have a 80% NCLEX pass rate out of about 90 students. The director there also told me that because i didn't work over a year as a LPN i wouldn't have to take transition nursing. So i would only have 1 class in the fall, and the last two in the spring for a total of around 15hrs. All other schools are 3 semesters and about 6 to 7 classes.
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    Is anybody familiar with the Excelsior College and their LPN to RN program? How does this work with clinicals? Do you have to make frequent visits to the testing centers? Is it a good reliable program? Any info or personal experience with the program would be great! Thank you.
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    DMB- check out the distance ed forum. There is a wealth of info there. I got my ASN there, and it is a great, but intensive program. You'll want to call your BON directly to see if they accept them, because not all states do.
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    I don't know where u are located. But I am in North Carolina. And I a LPN that is in the ADN program. LPN's do take 3 nursing courses here, we have to take a LPN-RN bridge course, then we do 210 (11 credit) and 220(12 credit). There are programs with 3 courses to take.
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    Quote from sandiesown
    I don't know where u are located. But I am in North Carolina. And I a LPN that is in the ADN program. LPN's do take 3 nursing courses here, we have to take a LPN-RN bridge course, then we do 210 (11 credit) and 220(12 credit). There are programs with 3 courses to take.

    Hey, im in SC and the school i was looking at was York Tech in Rock Hill. That school didn't require me to take transitions since i would not be a LPN over a year- i would take and advanced medsurg, psych nursing and a clinical management course for a total of only 14hrs. Whats a good school in NC that require 3 courses for LPN to ADN because im still shopping for schools.
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    Hello i'm very interested in the program you found for lpn to rn,that only requires three classes to complete,could you tell me which school,and where it's located,please i am an lpn in michigan and have been one for a while and i;m really tired of the super long waiting list and all the,beuracratic mess involved in just returning to school,so i'm willing to relocate even,to accomplish my goals.thanks i would really appreciate your help.
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    Could you please private message me Jules and Sandiesown with info regarding your Nursing Programs?

    I would like to relocate too, because of the long waitlists in NYC Nursing Programs.

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    Jules and Sandiesown, please pm me also if poss, as I too am an LPN in MI and am interested in the info on your nursing programs.

    Thank you
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    I go to Guilford Technical community College in Jamestown, NC. I am in the ADN program. I did the lpn-rn transition course in the summer, Nursing V in the Fall and will do Nursing VI (last semester) starting January 12th.

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