Ivy tech Indiana LPN - ASN 2013

  1. To offer more encouragement to other LPNs.

    You are a REAL nurse! If many of you were like me and were denied admission to the ASN program the first time around due to one B or a low TEAS test score, then by George, please know how much easier it is to gain admission to the LPN-ASN program at all IVY TECH campuses in IN.

    I had a total of 159 points between my TEAS test and my grades. I believe the max score is 200. I managed to gain admittance to Richmond (who only accepts 5-10 students/year) and even Bloomington- one of the State's most competitive regions. Yet, I finally took a spot at Lawrence / Indianapolis.

    Please know, all of you LPNs who have felt prejudice against your nursing role, all of you LPNs who, like me, have been relegated at work to the professional nomenclature of "non-RN" or "tech" ... You are still a nurse!!!

    Whether you choose to stay an LPN or take up the RN title; I hope those that move towards the RN will never forget where we came from and what we battled through. I hope that we can promote the LPN role, increase it, show it's capability, and encourage other facilities to embrace us!

    I feel, as an LPN, I have learned so much. I feel ready to take on the world. I possess advanced EKG rhythm interpretation skills, ABG interpretation / performance skills, IV & PICC skills, CBI and NG/OG tubes, and superb assessment skills. I know the difference between rhonchi, rales, stridor, and wheezes. Hell, even my NCLEX-PN made me listen to breath sounds; hence why i am now so anal about every littke wheeze, snap, crackle, or pop! I'm even furthering my knowledge to include auscultating pleural rubs (but still in need of more clinical examples). Obviously, these skills will not entirely translate to the NCLEX world of nursing prep, but in relation to clinical skills, I will be far more adept to clinical situations than the "traditional" student who has yet to do their first real life catheter!

    As an LPN to ASN student, I know my clinical skills will surpass those of traditional students but perhaps the traditional students will be able help us rejoin the class room atmosphere. It has been 2-3 years and I am rusty on NCLEX type questions and creating proper care plans.

    I hope to continue my updates on AllNurses regarding my transition to give my personal take on the matter.

    Good luck all current and future LPN-ASN students!
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  3. by   csoultz
    I just got my acceptance letter today! Sadly Ive been working in an assisted living facility so I havent used my LPN skills at all, but oh well. I talked to the adviser and she said you would be surprised how many of the people havent even worked coming back into the transition so hopefully I wont feel too stupid!
  4. by   libran1984
    Csoultz, I can imagine that very well. When I graduated, there were multiple nurses who said they would continue with their bartending, secretary, or tech/CNA jobs rather than hassle with finding a nursing position. They hustled thru the transition program and quickly became RNs. In many ways, I envied them, but in other ways I see how much of a better nurse I am since becoming an LPN for the last two an a half years.

    I was accepted to Lawrenceburg, Richmond, Bloomington, Columbus, Lawrence, and Anderson! Take that you stupid B in A&P102!! Rar!!!!

    Csoultz, major, insane grats on your admission. I think you'll still be surprised just how much you've learned. You'll feel more comfortable with medications and with direct patient care! You'll see!!
  5. by   csoultz
    Thanks libran1984. Im attending the Marion campus. When I graduated with my LPN I just could not find a job. I live in such a small town with only 3 LTC facilities that are small btw that I just couldn't nail one. I was getting frustrated with bills to pay. I worked as a CNA at an assisted living place I currently work at now all through out nursing school. My boss was so gracious enough and liked me enough to give me my LPN pay but pretty much with my CNA duties. Its a private facility so I was already passing meds but now I can set them up and what not. I can do a few LPN things but it is VERY minimal!
  6. by   ajreel
    thank you libran1984 for the encouragement! I just graduate in December '12 as a LPN from the Anderson campus and am currently working at a nursing home on a skilled nursing hall..where I live there are not any hospitals to hire LPNS

    I am hoping to get into a transition program for January, since I was not accepted for this May I am retaking ANP102 and my TEASV to better my chances. (which I was planning on doing anyways but I got a call & took a spot for the LPN program last Jan12)
    I hear that Lawrence & Richmond have the option to start the transition in January. Do you know of any other campuses that offer this as well?

    Otherwise, I will have to wait until next May to start...and I want to get back into school asap
  7. by   libran1984
    The campuses that offer the transitions in January are: Lawrence, Richmond, Columbus/Franklin, Northeast region (includes Anderson & 3 other campuses but drop the app off at Anderson), lawrenceburg/Madison, & Bloomington
  8. by   ajreel
    Quote from libran1984
    The campuses that offer the transitions in January are: Lawrence, Richmond, Columbus/Franklin, Northeast region (includes Anderson & 3 other campuses but drop the app off at Anderson), lawrenceburg/Madison, & Bloomington
    Thank you so much!!! :-) that will definitely increase my chances of getting in sooner than next May! ;-)
  9. by   crichardson4
    I have been an LPN since 09 and I just applied to the kokomo LPN to RN program.
    I was wondering if you liked your bridge program and how you did with the boards?
    I am awaiting the letter to see if I got in but I was wanting any info you could give me.