Is it easier to get in if you are already an LPN?

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    Hi all. I am finishing up all of my core classes for the LPN to RN program this Fall and hoping to get into the accelerated program next summer. My question is for those of you who have already been accepted into your nursing program. Did you find that it was easier to gain acceptance since you were already an LPN? I recently took the NLN and scored in the 96th percentile so I am relatively sure that will help, but my GPA for the classes used to choose candidates is only a 3.0. I'm just wondering if already being an LPN gives you an edge over other candidates who have no previous nursing experience. I am really hoping that it will potentially help me to possibly be chosen over some higher GPA's since I graduated from the LPN program at the same school I am pursuing my RN. What do you all think, does it help to be an LPN? Thanks in advance!
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    As with all matters, this depends upon the policies of the school you are considering.
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    Well in general your not competing against the generic applicants because your applying to enter at a different stage of the program fitting in where students have flunked out. You'll be competing against other LPN's and students petitioning to repeat a class.
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    In the accelerated program I attended, being an LPN did not make a difference at all.
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    In the transition program I'm in, being an LVN didn't help the process. In fact, they only had a reserved number of spots for "community LVNs" and that makes it even more so competitive. They gave priority to the students leaving their LVN program and going into their RN. It was actually automatic acceptance for those guys.
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    Thank you all for your responses!
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    tothepointeLVN, you make an excellent point about entering in a different point in the program. I had not really thought of it that way!
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    I have 2 close friends in my program that are LPNs and they tell me all the time being a "clean slate" is better. It is easier to answer questions by the book when all you know is the book. On the other side, they have automatic jobs when they graduate because they already work as nurses. They actually mixed my class with the LPN bridge program and many of them struggled. I think that was more personality issues because they refused our help because they felt they knew more than we did. I feel if you know you want to be an RN go RN!
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    Btw...I got into my program with an A on the entrance testing and a 3.5 GPA. I was considered "first alternate", which ment I wasn't chosen in the first batch of people accepted but the first turned down their spot went to me. It only took 3 days! Does your school select alternates as well? We went into like alternate number 10 being accepted. They took them through the first week of class.
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    I agree with PNichols. It's been hard going back to school. Im very stuck in my ways apparently! The "clean slate" folks do better with the adjustments. But, I have advantages too. Clinicals are easy for me, I already have a job secured as an RN, and I'm used to patient/nurse interaction. There are ups and downs to each side! If you all work as a TEAM, you all will have something great to offer.

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