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I just wanted to start a post for those who were applying to the next Lpn-RN transition program at HCC. I will be dropping off my application the first week after holiday break. I know I am so last minute, but the hold up has... Read More

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    I was looping on a previous thread. And they received their letters around this time so it should be any day now.
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    I'm so anxious, they made it seem like it would be mid April before we heard back! I didn't realize it would be so soon..
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    I saw that in 2011 it was mid march they heard about acceptance.
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    I have also seen in other threads, mid-February and mid-March. I have been running to my mailbox everyday after work!!! lol I checked with an advisor prior to turning in my application, and they said everything was good to go. When I saw that on web advisor, I called and a lady took a message and said someone will contact me regarding it. Then, I got an email saying they cannot answer my question via email, and that I need to go into advising to check on documents needed. Web advisor states that Admissions is who is requesting it "ASAP" ....sooooo I'm running in circles. I am hoping that it IS just a computer glitch!! Glad to meet some people who are applying -even if it is online.
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    I guess it was a computer glitch, because everything is now showing received!!! Yayyyy!! Now, if only I could receive my letter!
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    There's a positive! I agree completely, this disappointment at the mailbox everyday is getting OLD.
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    Mine says received too. I hate the mailbox everyday.
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    Still nothing for you guys as well? This is making me crazy!

    Also! Wouldn't we need these prior to the registration for summer classes starts next week..?
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    Nothing here I would assume it would only let us register when they change our major to ADN transition. I don't think the class will fill up. They have a class for only transition students so it should stay empty.
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    I see what you mean. So its looking like our two 3 hour days would be thursday and friday? because there is only one nursing class up that would apply to us that says lecture/lab combo thurs and fri and then "transition students only".

    Also, it looks like at one point they sent out emails prior to sending letters to state they were on their way. weird?

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