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by shamrokks

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I just got accepted to Galen Tampa, FL for their evening/online LPN to RN bridge and I'm trying to see if anyone else is going to be starting then that is on this forum. It would be nice to get to know others who will be in the... Read More

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    It is going to be your last quarter, you got it! Just a minor setback, but will be well worth it. Three months loss of pay will equal to a pay raise in the end! How many times will you be on campus for the 6th/final quarter? Keep me posted. I have been in contact with the school and will be finalizing my transfer in the begin. of May. Also, how have your clinicals been this quarter?
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    Thank you! I will make it work out to get through this and be done! My clinicals have been great. We ended with three patients total care. It was a crazy whirlwind but I'm better for it. I have one month off of clinicals until my last quarter if them starts.

    I will be in campus Monday nights from 5-9 for lab. We will meet a few more times for HESI reviews and exams. I do not know a total yet. When the quarter starts I will know more.

    Good luck!
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    I was looking back at your past posts and had a question about your Maternal rotation. You stated that it was all sim lab... Does that mean you did 3 12's at Galen doing assessments on the sim? I do not start my mental/maternity till July (I am in the 3rd Q & in San Antonio,Tx), but was wondering how that worked for you. As of right now it looks like we are going to a hospital and doing observation. As always, thank you in advance for your knowledge!
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    We did two 12's at Sabal Palms which is a peds long term care facility in Largo, FL then two sim lab days that were about 8 hours.

    It depends on what's available in your area so hopefully you will get a hospital clinical. That would be more awesome.

    I was at a hospital called the baby place for my LPN and it was a great experience.
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    Our Quarter 3 classes is what the St. Pete campus does in Quarter 4. They put our mental health/pedes/ and OB all in one class and clinical! Our clinical is at an MRDD facility that has pedes and adult residents. We don't do an OB rotation. We take our pedes/mental health/OB HESI all in one, I have already started preparing for it! How are your clinicals this quarter? How many days are you on campus, etc? They have started my file at that campus, and they told me they will let me know all the details of my transfer by April 23rd. I am guessing that since we do quarter 4 classes here in quarter 3, that I will have to enter into Quarter 3 and then go to quarter 5, but I am not sure! Good luck, you are so close now!