Galen January 2013 LPN to RN role call...?? - page 8

I just got accepted to Galen Tampa, FL for their evening/online LPN to RN bridge and I'm trying to see if anyone else is going to be starting then that is on this forum. It would be nice to get to... Read More

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    hello, i know this is a old post but i am looking to get into galen april, 2015. I want to work full time and i got a job 8 to 5pm and im afraid its going to conflict with the clinical time (you mentioned you had clinicals from 5pm and on). What hours did you work and were the galen staff understandable when it comes to these type of issues. I dont want to get kicked out because im showing up late to class or clinicals
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    I'm late to this forum too but have to give you all a high-five for going back to school. I've been an LPN since 1985...I'm 49 now ugh. And feel it too lol. I just can't seem to pass Anatomy or I'd be going back myself! For those of you who drive to Galen and back to Tampa, how far of a drive is that? My van is also on it's last legs lol. Can you take A&P at Galen or no? Since most hospitals will only hire 4 yr. RN's, I suppose it's kind of pointless to do the LPN bridge program for me huh?

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