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  1. I saw Beckfield Cincinnati's TV commercial last evening. Very costly. Bumps up way up tuition. Now has anyone checked to see if Beckfield is accredited by the NLNAC, the only national accredition agency. National League of Nursing Accreditation Comm. Beckfied is NOT ACCREDITED. Also have you checked with the Ohio Board of Nursing. I could not find that Beckfield was an approved program. Back to the advertisement. Ohio consumer law requires Beckfield to put in its TV advertisement a note that it is not accredited, at least. I am not sure on the approval by the Nursing Board if it is not approved, then this must go in the advertisment.

    Unfortunately many of the for profit programs are not accredited. The result---- students sacrifice -- pay double or triple the state school rate but, without a degree, from an accredited school, the graduate can not qualify for most hospital positions. God Bless them and you.
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    Beckfield College Florence Kentucky Campus offers LPN, RN and RN to BSN Programs.
    The Tri-County Ohio Beckfield College does not offer any of these Programs at this time.
    Beckfield College Florence Kentucky Campus is Accredited by the ACIS
    (Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools)
    Beckfield College Florence Kentucky Campus Nursing Programs are Approved by the KBN
    (Kentucky Board of Nursing)
    Beckfield College Florence Kentucky Campus is a member of the NLN-AC
    (National League of Nursing Accreditation Commission) and is currently in the process of becoming Accredited by them. NLN "candidacy" is a step towrds NLN Accreditation. Candidacy status is itself a lengthy process. Just because the College is not listed as current "candidacy" on the website does not indicate that the process has not started.

    Many people, when researching Nursing schools, get confused on the differences between Nursing Program Approval, overall School Accreditation and NLN Accreditation/Candidacy.
    It's necessary to understand that these are 3 entirely separate forms of status.
    The Kentucky Board of Nursing does not care if a Program is Accredited by the NLN, only that they - the KBN - have approved the School.

    Beckfield College Tri-County, Ohio location does not offer any Nursing Programs at this time. Why would the Ohio Board of Nursing have any information on Programs that currently exist only in Kentucky?
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    [color=#244061]excellent points raised about any college educating future nurses from johnrebel. thank you nursing advocate for a detailed explanation of how things work and beckfield college's role in nursing education.
    [color=#244061]as dean of nursing at beckfield college and a msn, i would like to reply as well. beckfield college is proud of our nursing programs - rn to bsn, rn and lpn. we are accredited (rn, lpn) by the kentucky board of nursing. currently, we only offer our nursing programs at our florence, kentucky campus and can boast an nclex passing rate of 86% on a first take basis for 2009. we are currently working with the ohio board of nursing on accreditation, thus no nursing classes are offered at our tri-county cincinnati campus until that lengthy process is completed. beckfield college has received approval to continue to proceed with the rn and lpn programs accrediting process with the ohio board of nursing. beckfield college is a member of the national league of nursing accreditation commission (nln-ac) and beginning the nearly 5 year process of becoming accredited by them.
    [color=#244061]we are proud of our programs and follow both compliance and advertising regulations quite closely. we have been a local non-traditional option for individuals searching for higher education for 25 years and don't believe in getting people in our doors and not successfully helping them begin a new phase of their lives through education. beckfield college has successfully placed 94% of nursing students for the last four graduating classes.
    [color=#244061]in the words of one of our recent nursing graduates raving about her new job, she wrote to me, "thank you all so much. i'm grateful for the education i had. i'm driven, but you all encouraged me, taught me and really pulled for me to succeed." i guess we need to add this to our television commercials.
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    Thanks for addressing my concerns, about the Cincinnati campus. I know definitions and nomenclature are important. You use interchangebly "accredited" and "approved by the Nursing Board" The state nursing boards approve a program. A graduate can then get a license after passing the NCLEX test. But the NLN is the only agency in the USA to accredit nursing programs. A state board can not grant accreditation. Its possible to grandfather in some students if Beckfield is now a candidate for accreditation by the NLN of course. Employment and educational opportunities are reduced if you do not graduate from an accredited school, that is an NLN accredited school.
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    Quote from JohnRebel
    But the NLN is the only agency in the USA to accredit nursing programs.
    This is very much incorrect. There are two reputable agencies that accredit nursing programs: the NLN and the CCNE. The NLN focuses on accrediting certificate LPN, diploma, ADN, and BSN programs, whereas the CCNE accredits BSN and graduate level nursing programs (MSN, Ph.d, DNP).

    In the realm of nursing education, the NLN accreditation is interchangeable with the CCNE. They are both legitimate accreditation entities.
    Beckfield College Tri-County Campus is now offering the 15 month LPN Program (approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing)
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    (I'm not sure an 86% NCLEX pass rate is anything to "boast" about ...)
    beckfield college 2010 nclex-pn pass rate = 95%
    beckfield college 2010 nclex-rn pass rate = 90%

    if you access the kentucky board of nursing website:

    or the ohio board of nursing website (for nursing schools located in ohio):

    you can get updated on your outdated stats!
    if you review all pass rates for all schools in each state, i think you will see that 86% (beckfield's 2009 nclex-rn pass rate) is something to be proud of!
    quite a few nursing schools are well below the 85% expectation and some are on probation and in danger of losing their approval from the state board of nursing.
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    I graduated from Beckfield College Tri-County campus and the NCLEX pass rate for our class was 100%. I am now working as a LPN making pretty good money. I had a great experience here.
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    Hello I'm starting at Beckfield in Tri-county in January. I have done a lot of research on Beckfield and everything turned out to be great! Can you give me some pointers on the LPN Program?
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    Well I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed your program there? Do you plan on going back for your RN? And do you think they prepare you well for the NCLEX test? I was wondering how are the Instructors there?
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    Quote from elkpark
    (I'm not sure an 86% NCLEX pass rate is anything to "boast" about ...)
    I was a part of that 86% and for being a brand new program at that time, very significant. I am proud to have graduated from Beckfield College, I've been an RN for 6 years now