Any of you LPNs bridging to RN in your very late 40s - page 3

Just curious to know how many older LPNs are making the bridge to RNs and do they feel it will be worth their while from a employment perspective. I think it will take me approximately 5 years... Read More

  1. by   Daisy86
    Good Luck! I'm also a LPN and going back for my BSN!
  2. by   hlr2752
    I am freaking out because I am 23 and God willing, getting ready to go into a nursing program (I have a 2 year old, am married and wouldn't trade my situation for the world). I have to say that I admire the older generations for going back to school and think it is great to see them in the college that I attend. Some of the people I have class with have been out of school for around fifteen years and they do great for themselves academically. But congratulations on bettering yourselves!!!! look forward to working along side you all as healthcare professionals!
  3. by   imagineme2day
    i am doing it! i am a lpn for 25 years going to finally get my rn, and i am 53
  4. by   imagineme2day
    I have such fear taking this micro exam! I took a prep class, took a refresher class and ow i just need to pay and much material, i know i have to walk through the fear.
  5. by   wonderland7
    52 and just graduated Dec. 2011 from ADN program sat for boards this AM crossing my fingers I passed............they wait is excruciating ......Doesn't matter your age, just your desire to accomplish the dream !!!
  6. by   leenie45
    Thats Great, let us know how you made out!
  7. by   leenie45
    It;s so much information. My desk is full of math books, med calcs, A&P, etc. At times I feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what I need to know, learn. I have fear daily, but it only makes my anxiety worse, and then I have learning blocks. I have been out of school for 28 years, so this is alot to absorb. Stay organized, and don't overload, I overload all of the time and it only hurts me. Calm down, you will be fine. Good luck
  8. by   keylyme
    I am 51 and just starting an ADN transition program. I plan on continuing to BSN and possibly beyond. It is not all about money (although I plan on making more of it - and getting out of LTC - once I complete my ADN); for me it is more a matter of self-fulfillment. I worked as an LPN for over 20 years mainly in med-surg, but I also have ICU, ortho, pedi and psych experience (when I was employed from 1983-2004, LPN's could do these types of things!) I took a hiatus from 2004 to 2011 and just completed a re-entry program. I was inspired by my professors, many of whom were women in their 60's just completing doctorates. Whatever it takes!
  9. by   Kidnurse1963
    I am 48 yo and I will be completing my CPNE the weekend of April 13th for EC. I graduated from LPN school 3-17-84 with a baby. I have been taking classes towards my RN for many years. I have just decided that I want to be paid for the work I do and to finally sign RN behind my name I am continuing on for an accelerated BSN/MSN program to realize my dream as a Neonatal and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Some days I feel 48, while other days I feel 28. I am just determined to finish what I started many many years ago. Go for it. Age is only a number. Terri
  10. by   christinedimopoulos
    Its worth it can you do an excelled program and work part time?I am studying for my RN boards now at 43 and have been out of school for too long I wish i could go back.on the bright side things are easier to absorb and understand in your 40s
  11. by   Mr. Gaylord Focker
    Hi all. I'm new here. I just graduated LPN school and have enrolled in Excelcior's LPN-RN through a local hospital. I'm 38 yrs old. My LPN program did extensive clinical at this same hospital. I was curious how much a starting RN could expect to make in Pa? I have an idea but would like to hear any real life knowledge. Thanks
  12. by   Mm3p4
    I am 50 and have applied to the RN program. I feel if I get into the program it was meant to be and I will be able to do it. I am feeling fabulous at 50! I also feel that I have more confidence in myself now than I did going through thr LPN program. Most of what we worry about doesn't happen anyway. Worry is really a wasted emotion and I am trying to live more in the moment and take one step at a time with long deep breathes. I didn't do this before
  13. by   snowiebella
    Hi I am 50, have raised my family and now going back to do the Lpn to Rn bridge program thru Excelsior College.