8 month lvn to rn program at carrington college

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    Hello all, I have been doing some research online and have found that Carrington College in Sacramento offers an LVN TO RN program that is only 8 months. I have about half of my pre reqs done and they offer the pre reqs in the program if you have not finished them all. Has anyone been to this school for the LVN TO RN program or planning on going to this program in the near future? If so, was it worth it? How did you like it? Did you pass the NCLEX? Would you recommend it? Keep in mind that this is a private school so price is going to be elevated. Any help or info about this school would really help. Thanks!!!
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    hi! i havent attended carrington but i was speaking to one the current students and from what she said (i had customers while i was talking to her so i'm not 100% sure of this) is that you have to go through them for your LVN to do the LVN to RN bridge. she really enjoys it and feels like she is getting a good education. i asked her about all the rumors that it was terrible school with horrible pass rates but i guess since they changed from western to carrington it has been great.

    are you a lvn now? or a student?
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    Hi I am currently in the process of applying to the RN program there. You have to be an LVN, pass teas test with at least 60% in each category, have all prereqs done, have cpr, valid lvn license, and you must have work experience as an LVN. To be honest the school is not great, but it is quick and there is no waiting list. It is a little over $37,000. I have done my LVN and all prereqs through this school and all though I'm not really impressed, I would recommend it. You also have to have a 3.0 GPA. I hope this helps!
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    How much work experience do you have to have?
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    Hi again! So I'm still a little confused. Would I be able to get my lvn license from a community college for example? Or don't it have to be throughout carrington?
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    YOu can get your LVN at a community college and they will take it. As for work experience, I only have 6 months and they said that would be enough as long as I get letters proving my employemnt.
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    You can get your LVN anywhere, and yes, they want all of your shots/CPR/physical. I just graduated a couple months ago from their program. The faculty is great. It is a HARD program because it is so condensed, but you will get an excellent education. So far, everyone who has taken the NCLEX from my class passed, on their first attempt, and the class before mine had a 100% pass rate for the first attempt. The NCLEX was easy in comparison to the tests we took throughout the program. I would recommend this program to anyone!
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    Can someone tell me almost exactly how much the cost is??? I paid 30000 for my lvn at a private school, and I just want to know how much the rn at carrington will be??
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    Hi misschina! I did the same thing. I graduated about a year and a half ago, and the cost was $37K
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    Thankyou!! and could you kind of tell me like how the prgram was?? The teachers, administration, and is it organized? Would you recommend it and is it possible to work during the program??? I would really appreciate all that, Thankyou!!

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