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I spoke to someone at a school today about their lpn program and I asked about their clinical sites. They said they're mostly in nursing homes. Now I know in most areas lpn's are mainly employed in ltc facilities, but I was under... Read More

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    My school did do clinicals at a hospital last year but they stopped because they said lpn's arent there anymore. We do majority of our clinicals at LTC and nursing homes as well as a few daycares for the mentally ill children.

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    Mine were LTC, hospitals, mental health and community care.
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    We do ours at the city hospitals
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    First quarter was a LTC/rehab facility. Second quarter is clinics and urgent care. And third quarter only the top 8 go to the VA hospital. The rest go to more clinics and LTC.
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    if you intend to work in an ltc institution after graduating this school will be good for you, but if you prefer to work in a hospital setting then you better find a school who has their trainingheld in hospitals to give you more proper training and hospital exposures...

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